Doing this has given us the beautiful opportunity of getting to know some of the most wonderful families!…The friendships that we have made – and just being able to be “part of” such an important decision for their family. People are “so grateful”……and it warms our hearts when we receive funny e-mails,or stories about their children, the horses, and photos of all of them —their farms, and homes! Most of these families, we have never met in person. From the beginning,we have scrapbooks with an e-mail describing each person or family – where they live, etc. ! We have had the pleasure of meeting some families in person! But either way, – it gives us the beautiful opportunity to share by e-mail – with people from all over the world…Canada,  Alaska, and all of the U. S. – even Sweden !-Also, the Dominion Republic, Germany, and one from France….It has is just been amazing!”And the children??? What a joy it has been working with children in helping them with finding a safe pony or horse for them!!! Especially working with the Special Needs Children.  We have had the bittersweet honor to work with the Make A Wish Foundation —truly a Blessed Experience.   There are no words to describe how all of these families have blessed our lives with their deep appreciation, their love, kindness, and continued friendship.  There has been no greater Honor in my life as I have had with having the opportunity to share in this experience, not only with the Special Needs Families, but with each and Every Family that we have been Blessed to know.

 Information Regarding Previously Sold Horses: 

Most of our Sold Horses were purchased by phone and exchange of MANY e-mails, videos and “trust”!! The families were unable to travel here in person. We obtained transport quotes and schedules for pickup and delivery, and made arrangements for them to have their horse transported by reputable professional transporters. Please note there are 2 and 3 year old horses purchased by families for the entire family to enjoy, including their small children and/or beginner riders. We have sold a few two year old horses! There are some very special exceptions to the rule of two year old and young horses. That same Rule of Exception applies to mares! If one has a mare that comes with “Marish Behaviors” – she can make everyone’s life miserable – including the pasture horses – !!! But there are mares – that have the personality traits of a gelding. These mares can usually be more affectionate and sweet in nature. A “good” mare – can be a joy!! If we have a mare advertised, & she has one or several marish traits -you will be made aware of these facts. As you will see below, we have sold several mares,  - and – a few two and three year old horses that are beautiful in every way!!!  “Please know we are extremely cautious –VERY familiar and sure of the horse — when recommending young horses”……..  If you need more references – “Please” just let us know!   We hope to have the opportunity to help match you up with your next best friend!



Wed 1/6/2016 3:55 PM

From: Barbara Williams <wwllm@yahoo.com>

Subject: Sadie

Message Body:

Hi Connie, I just had to let you know how happy I am with Sadie. I had almost given up on finding a horse but she is truly my dream horse. She is everything you said she is and more. I can’t believe how lucky I am to find such a perfect horse. Maybe it is the colder weather, but she is also far from a dead head. She has the most incredibly smooth rack and does not require being ridden a certain way. I can ride her with a loose rein or contact and in any position and she still has that amazing rack. The only thing that I can say remotely negative, is that she is the top of the pecking order,and my husband’s horse would probably prefer her to live elsewhere. Too bad! I love her.


Sat 3/21/2015 5:28 PM

From: Tina Klembara <Sweetie.tk@gmail.com>

Subject: Angel

Message Body:                Hi Connie, 

Winter has finally left us here. I’ve been able to ride Angel a couple times already.  She is fabulous! I really enjoy her. I’m slowly  starting work on my fence at home so I can bring her here.  Lucky (the pony) is her man!  I hope all is well with you. We are good here. So happy for warmer weather and sunshine! Hugs, Tina


Thu 5/1/2014 9:58 PM

Andrea Vag <aavag@hotmail.com>

Hello Connie. 

I hope that you are well and had a Blessed Easter.    We are doing very well and so is my beloved French Frye.    Last year, after much discussion, my daughter

shared that her interest in riding had decreased.   We found an extraordinary home for her gaited pony. He remains at the same barn where we board so my

daughter can see and even ride him, if she wishes.   Happily, I therefore was able to keep French Frye and we are developing a great partnership.

Over the winter, we attended weekly fun nights at my barn and he is a natural at equine soccer!  My riding confidence has soared and I am finally truly

enjoying riding without constant worry.   I went on my very first solo trail ride with him a few weeks ago and he was perfect.  

A trainer friend has been working with him to smooth out his gaiting when he speeds up and he’s doing great.   Thank you again for selling dear French Frye to me.  

Warm regards,  Andrea 

April 28, 2014

Hello Connie.   I hope that you are well.   I’ve been going to the barn every few days, as work allowed, just to groom FF. I’ve been talking to him the whole time, telling him

about my family, our pets, about my day, etc. He has settled in nicely.   So, today, I took the next step and took FF  on a trail ride with a friend.   It was awesome!

He was such a good boy!  I will take him out a few more times with adults before I go out with him and my daughters on their gaited ponies. We will definitely take

photos of that ride and email them to you.  How I wish that I had come to you sooner. I’ve had so many missteps with other misrepresented horses.  Rest assured that if

we ever decide to get another horse, we will come straight to you and I will recommend you to everyone.   Thank you so much for your guidance, encouragement and

for such a wonderful pony!   With gratitude,  Andrea 


NOTE:    Gina is a physician in Ohio.  She purchased “Bling” (Our Santana) – for herself and sweet Dollar for her daughter Kirsten……….

Thu 2/6/2014 9:06 AM

Gina Mayer <drginamayer@gmail.com>

Hi Connie,

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how thrilled we still are with our sweet little babies!!!   

Dollar, of course, is just a trip!  He has the most hysterical personality and is as ornery as they get.  He thinks he is a person, not a horse.  He’d rather be doing whatever we are doing than what the horses are doing.  He’s going to need some work this spring on ground manners I’m sure, but he cracks us up all the time because he is like a little toddler in our business nonstop! 

Bling (Santana) is the sweetest, kindest gentleman ever!! I am so in love with him!! I have never ever seen a more well behaved horse in my life and just love him to death!  I could just eat him up!!  I just wanted to let you know they are doing great and we are still thrilled with them!   We just can’t wait to get past this AWEFUL weather so we can ride again!!!!!!!  Hope you guys are doing well and surviving the winter months!  I am also wondering if you could give us an update on sweet Red?  How is he doing?     Thanks and God bless!   Gina


Fri 9/6/2013 9:48 PM

Cindy Fedor <guitargrL4@charter.net>

Hi Connie,

> How are you all doing down there in KY?  Just wanted to touch base and let you know how great Shiloh is doing. He’s an awesome horse. Maybe you can let his previous owner, Joe, know that Shiloh is healthy, spoiled, and showered with love and kisses every single day.  He is brushed every day, and has his tail and mane combed out each day also.  He is almost human.  He follows Phil everywhere, just like a dog would.  And he doesn’t like to share his people friends with any of the other horses. He chases them away.  I just took some photos this morning. Phil & I were helping my friend with her Belgian, who had choke. We were waiting for the vet to arrive, so I snapped a few photos of Shiloh while we were waiting. I’ll be sending a bunch, but only one at a time because I can’t figure out how to do more than that.   Take care,   > Nancy Hynes


September 27, 2014

I have for some time intended to give a sincere heartfelt thanks to a family in Florida that I am so Blessed to know.  Dennis and Linda have very busy lives – with having (my last count) FOUR McDonalds restaurants.   Just last year, they were having a new one built and at the same time, remodeling an old one.   Needless to say, with all of this, their lives are very hectic and stressful.    They are so Blessed to have two beautiful daughters and grandchildren.    The joy they share with their family, as well as their beautiful horses…..is truly their therapy!    The  home that Dennis and Linda provide for their horses is truly one that every horse should be so Blessed to have.  As all horse lovers know, every horse has their own individual personality. The stories that Dennis and Linda share with me, it is so beautiful how they appreciate each horse and the individual personalities. They have all colors - and in the group are some clowns, as well as those with very serious personalities.    Over the past seven years, – eight of our beautiful horses have been Blessed to be chosen by Dennis and Linda.  There is one that I will treasure in my heart forever.   His name is Big John.  

Two years ago, I sold Big John to a couple in a northern state. They were in their 60′s, if I remember correctly, and they really liked Big John.   Big John was a beautiful tall black tobiano!  With a huge heart!  In talking with them, I truly felt they were people with the love of horses in their hearts.  I was so very wrong.   Months later, he called and complained that “Big John was not fast enough”……and we broughhim back home.    The transporter that delivered Big John to his new home was the same transporter that went after Big John to bring him back to our home.    On the way to our home, he called me to prepare me for what was to come.   He told me that I would not recognize Big John.   He was all ribs……he had hair off in places…..his face and head had sores, as well as his body……and he told me that Big John was absolutely terrified of being handled or touched. My heart was broke.   When Big John came off that trailer,…..I literally cried.   I could not believe it.    When I walked up to him to pet him…..he jerked away – quickly moved his entire body away – and his big beautiful eyes were  filled with terror.    There was no doubt he had been ridden almost to death, malnourished, and beaten.  We put him in a stall…doctored his wounds (which was difficult because he was so terrified of humans)….….I was just stunned.   Just total disbelief that a human being could transform what was a beautiful, loving, affectionate, funny, totally healthy  horse into the battered, malnourished,  terrorized horse……..There are truly some people in this world that do not need to own a horse!!!!   And for that matter, any animal!!    I did not know what in this world I was going to do with Big John.    I knew it was going to take a very  gentle, patient person and a lot of time to bring him back – if ever that were possible.  I was not sure we could ever bring back the Big John that I knew.    And who would take him on?   With the horrible way he looked and his fearful behavior?  

I knew —–that if there was any way in this world that Big John could be saved emotionally —–the only persons that had the heart and patience to do it, were Dennis and Linda. I called them – knowing - it was a lot to ask because I could not guarantee them – that Big John would ever recover and be a horse that their family could ride and enjoy.  And he was SO underweight with so many sores.    And SO Big!!   I did not know if the horrible memories in his head could ever be healed.  He was that bad.   After discussing it for a couple of days,  they called and I was SO VERY HAPPY!!!   I once again transported Big John – only this time South!!!  Far away from his previous owners!  Sadly, the memories in his head and the pain in his heart went with him.     It took Dennis and Linda a few months of patience, time, and a LOT OF LOVE!!— but the Big John I knew – did find his way back with having trust and love for once again, a human being, —-and his sense of humor followed shortly after.    As you can see in the photos, Big John is very happy and very much loved.  He is surrounded by good friends of all colors,…….and he keeps everyone laughing with his curious, funny personality!  Over the years, as busy as their lives have been, Dennis has continuously taken the time to answer phone calls and e-mails from families that contacted him for a reference regarding his experience with me and Forest Ridge Farm.   The testimonials in those e-mails came from his heart – and they were long and took a lot of his time……

With all of this being said, —-It is with my deepest heartfelt gratitude that I write this tribute to you,  Dennis, Linda and your beautiful family – for your insurmountable ability to love……your compassion and your willingness to take on the huge task with Big John, –    And for all the time you have given to respond to families who have contacted you for a reference for so many years!! –  And for the time you have taken to send to me the beautiful stories and photographs of all of you!!!     With heartfelt love and appreciation, – “I thank you”……….

(Note:   I am not finished with the photos…..have several to find  (  :

December - 2013  Dennis & Santana

December – 2013
Dennis & Santana

December - 2013 Dennis, Connie & Santana

December – 2013
Dennis, Connie &

Dennis with Big John    meeting Rebel

Dennis with Big John meeting Rebel

Christmas - 2010 Horses are like potato chips. You can’t have just one.                 Big John, Elvis, Buck, Blacky, Dusty and Dennis, Rebel, Linda and Gypsy, Dollar, Breeze
                                 Christmas – 2010
                               Horses are like potato chips. You can’t have just one.
                               Big John, Elvis, Buck, Blacky, Dusty and Dennis, Rebel,
                               Linda and Gypsy, Dollar, Breeze
Coolbreeze - And he is a Character!!!!   He makes life interesting!

Coolbreeze – And he is a Character!!!! He makes
life interesting!

                                             Sweet Blue - Our Rescue      Sweet Blue – Our Rescue       
                                                                                                                  Dennis & Big John
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dennis & Sweet Big John
Christmas - 2010 Court @ Duke University

Christmas – 2010
Court @ Duke University

Tyler at the lake!

Tyler at the lake!

 Christmas - 2010  Brittany - Due 1-2-11
Christmas – 2010 Brittany
               Due 1-2-11
** Below is the most recent testimonial that Dennis sent to Larry who also resides in Florida.  
Larry has purchased our beautiful gelding, Delight’s Charm!
Hi Larry:    Sorry it took so long to get back to you!!      Thank you for reaching out to us.  Wow….what can I say other than I have bought and still have all eight horses I bought from her!!!  So…it is safe to say she has a fantastic reputation for quality Tennessee Walking Horses.  My wife and I have known Connie for maybe…seven years now.  My most recent purchase was in December, 2012 when I purchased a beautiful 15.3 hh flaxen mane gelding.  The testimonial that she has on her website still holds true today!——–I have two farriers, Bill Benson and Randy Koger.  Both have been farriers for a long time.  Bill does it full time.  I have used Bill from day one and he does an outstanding job.  I am not sure if he is looking for additional clients.  ——-Randy is a gentleman that helps me with my horses health and well being.  He is just my go to person for anything and everything related to horses.  He is well known by some of the locals here because he has such a passion for horses.  He does farrier work too and is also very good.  —-Where do we ride….anywhere and anytime.  We ride in Greenhead, Heart of Dixie in Troy, Geneva State Park, Lake Seminole in Tallahassee, at Bankhead National Forest near Birmingham, Fort Rucker in Dothan and just about anywhere.  We ride the backroads in Bonifay.  One of our friends has about 400 acres and if we don’t feel like trailering the horses far, we just go to there house and ride around their property.——–Do you currently have a horse?————I highly recommend Connie as her horses are exactly what she promises.  She can also help arrange transportation from KY to FL.  Remember one very important fact, you get what you pay for.  Yes, you can find horses that are significantly less $ than the horses Connie sells.  You will hear others say their horses are dead broke and ready to ride.  Let me caution you, you can go visit them and they seem great but when the drugs wear off, you could have a bigger problem.  Yes, there are people who will sedate the horses so they appear calm.  It is hard to believe but they are out there.  With Connie…this is not the case.  If she rates her horse a 1 in temperament…then it is a 1.   —————————We periodically hear about horses for sale.  Sometimes we hear about a free horse, however the concern is always about the quality and health.  Health is a very big concern.  Not only the inside health but the health of their hooves.  A horse is only as good as their feet.  This is another reason to buy from Connie or someone reputable.   I have seen horses given away for free that are dead broke but you can’t ride them because of hoof problems.———————-I hoped this helped.——————–We have two other couples and Randy that we try to ride at least once on the week-ends, especially now that the weather is cooling off.  We are all “mature” adults in your same age group.  We don’t do anything stupid and always consider the level of the horse rider as well as the safety for the horses.———————–Let me know if you have any questions and what you decide about a horse.—Thanks——Dennis
December 25, 2013
Dee and Lucky


November 4, 2013
Gina with Santana and Kerestin with Dollar!
 E-Mail:    sweetbuckeye7@yahoo.com>


 Date: November 4, 2013, 9:19:24 PM EST He is like a pup!!! Look at these pics, especially the end ones!! Sent from my iPhone 

From: Drginamayer
Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2013 3:41 PM
To: Connie Wesley
Subject: SantanA

I want you to know I’m absolutely thrilled with Dollar. He is turning out to be all you said and great for Keerstin.  As the pictures show, he is so personable, and we are falling in love with him!  Secondly, Santana is a doll!!——–We took him on his first trail ride yesterday and he was an absolute angel!  He gaited beautifully and was so awesome to ride that I fell more in love with him than ever!!! He is such a sweetheart I can’t take it!  I am truly thrilled!—-As far as the final result of this transaction goes, I am truly thrilled!  I love both of these horses to pieces. They are trained beautifully and have wonderful demeanors.  __________________________________________

October 10, 2013
Shari – (Budlight)
See her letter below:
Hi ConnieSue -
We spoke a few months ago about Budlight (my husband and I purchased him from Mel in Georgia). 
Bud is still in Georgia, with us, and lives a very contented lifestyle.
Although he is my husband’s horse, I have ridden him several times and he is always the same – just a good old boy.  
We have had no issues with him about anything – in the barn, under saddle, farrier, etc.   He takes everything in stride.
I wanted to let you know that he is in a good home and very much loved. I am not a good photographer (as you can see!) but wanted to send you photos of him in his new home.  Last photo is of him in paddock with his buddies. Regards,  Shari 
September 18, 2013
John & Jill  - of Michigan  
With Gypsy & Jake – January, 2012, and just this month – Outlaw
E-Mail:   jillmfugate@aol.com
October 17, 2013
Hey Connie…on our way up to our cabin to work on our barn…i am soooo sorryyyyy it’s taken me so long to reply. You know life!!! Anyway Outlaw is doing wonderful…Connie he is so darn sweet..i love him!! I will write more and respond to your email come Sunday when we get back. Take Care…hugs!!!                                                                                                                             
First Photo: John with Jake – Jill with Gypsy – January, 2012  - Second Photo:   Taken on September 27, 2013 – John, Jill,
their Daughter Lauren, Grandson  Nathan, - Granddaughter Olivia – & Outlaw and his beautiful new friend – fresian filly – Maddie!!                                                                               
Outlaw sniffing Nathan’s hair….he loves doing that!   Last Photo:    Sweet Nathan sitting on our little Cocoa - 
Nathan has re-named him “Lucy Brown” !       ( :    
 September 9 , 2013
E-MAIL:  eamber@bellsouth.net
In  September, Amber purchased our beautiful China!  She loves her dearly!  The photo below is Ashton with China and Sweet Dollar! 
July 23, 2013
Ronnie with Mojo and Playboy
Phone:  (812) 717-0008
Hi Connie, We are having a good time with the horses!!  Thanks again for some wonderful horses!
April 12, 2013
Andrea Vag and French Frye
Andrea is a lawyer in Indiana……
From:Andrea Vag
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 11:17 PM
Subject: Woohoo!
Hello Connie.
I hope that you are well. I’ve been going to the barn every few days, as work allowed, just to groom FF. I’ve been talking to him the whole time, telling him about my family, our pets, about my day, etc. He has settled in nicely.    So, today, I took the next step and took FF  on a trail ride with a friend.    It was awesome!    He was such a good boy! I will take him out a few more times with adults before I go out with him and my daughters on their gaited ponies. We will definitely take photos of that ride and email them to you. How I wish that I had come to you sooner. I’ve had so many missteps with other misrepresented horses. Rest assured that if we ever decide to get another horse, we will come straight to you and I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much for your guidance, encouragement and for such a wonderful pony! With gratitude,  Andrea
Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 7:44 PM
Subject: Hello
Hello Connie. 
I hope that you are well. 
French Frye is doing very well. He settled in nicely and everyone loves him. We are so fortunate to have him! Thank you!
September, 2012
Steve, Allyson, and Alex (Alex & Harley’s Spirit – now known as “Hobbs”)
E-Mail:  sa.koch@frontier.com
      Steve, Allyson, and Alex                   
Alex & Hobbs on a Beautiful Trail Ride!!!                        Steve, Allyson & Alex    Alex & Harley’s Spirit
Alex is 12 yrs. old and a Beginner Rider!                                        Now Known As “Hobbs”
From: Allyson 
Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2012 8:59 AM
To: Connie Wesley——Subject: Re: Harley (Hobbs) 
Dear Connie,
I read your emails and wanted to update you. We took Hobbs on the ride yesterday and he was PERFECT.  We already love him!
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2012 5:56 PM
To: Connie Wesley
Subject: Re: Harley (Hobbs) 
Dear Connie, I love to share happy news so I wanted u to know you were right, it must have been just the traveling and standing because as of yesterday his legs look great- no swelling!  He is so humble and sweet. I am going to ride him tomorrow if its not raining just to see how he feels. His temperament could not be better. His buddy Calvin is not so humble. Matter of fact he’s pushy and wouldn’t load today for an HOUR. Finally he did. I was so frustrated but I just kept coaxing. We are still getting used to each other. I’m sort of kicking myself for not trying/buying another of yours just cause I’m not sure I’m up for the kind of horse Calvin is. He’s not BAD he just is a little spooky and wants very much to be the leader all the time. We will work it out and if we don’t you know I’ll sell him and call you!!! Take care!   Thanks and God Bless you!! Allyson
From: Allyson
Sent:Thursday, November 08, 2012 11:33 AM

To:Connie Wesley   ———-Subject: Re: Harley (Hobbs) 
Dear Connie,
Hope you are doing well! Hobbes is doing just fine, has settled in and acts as though he’s been here forever. He nickers hello when we come back to the barn and I just love that! 
November 29, 2012 (Note from Connie)
We received a Christmas card and photo of Alex and Hobbs from Allyson and they absolutely love Hobbs!  Alex is
12 years old and a Beginner Rider!  He went trail riding on Hobbs right after they got Hobbs home….Allyson wrote to me and said he was perfect!  As bombproof as they come!   She will be writing a testimonial soon…….


September 3, 2012

 From: Allen

Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 4:49 PM
Subject: Allen
Just wanted to let you know.  After I attached a couple of harness braking straps, Maybelle and I enjoyed about an hour of driving.  She did everything I asked her to do.  I think, unless something happens to change my mind, I am going to be very happy with her.  I’m already making a list of changes I want to do to the wagon.  God willing, I’m looking forward to many days of driving and bonding with Maybelle.   And as soon as my wife gets to feeling better, I can’t wait to take her for a ride down the road. 
After feeding, we put her in the pasture with the other horses.  After some tense moments between her and the palimino, things have settled right down.  But maybelle is on the bottom of the totem pole for now.  The other horses are just too big for her to go up against.  And thankfully, she seems smart enough to have figured that out quickly.  Once I get things lined out, I’ll send you some pics for you to use.  Thanks again.  And God bless. Allen


July 23, 2012
E-MAIL:    cowgirl2362@yahoo.com


Jenny, – Her parents, Dan & Kim –
Beautiful Two Blue Eyes! –  Jed’s Charm
Jenny, Jed and her Mom, Kim and Dad, Dan!

Jenny,and her parents, Dan & Kim – from Utah! – and Jed’s Charm! July, 2012

Dear Connie, 

So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Jed arrived safe and sound, and in beautiful shape. We stalled him for 2 days and fed him lots of oats. The first day we walked him around the ranch to introduce him to his new surroundings. That night we stalled my husband’s horse Joe next to him so they could visit over the fence, and they seemed cordial. On the third day I rode Jed and Danny rode Joe for about an hour, just around the immediate vicinity. He was amazing. NO SPOOKING at anything, a joy to ride. The third day we put him in the round ring with the whole herd and then let them all out to pasture. Joe and Jed stayed in the ring with their heads over the fence, wanting some more attention. We found he LOVES apples! He spent a night in the open pasture with all 30 horses… and things seemed to be going great. Again, he stuck close to Joe, and Dillion, my horse. Jenny arrived the next day.
Jenny and Jed are making good progress… but she lives a few miles away most of the time, not at the ranch. Last weekend we went on our yearly 4 day pack trip to the Wind Rivers.
Jenny started out on Jed, but a bit fearful because I think Jed was so new to this territory. Ultimately we switched out riders and put my oldest son Mike on Jed (closest to a real cowboy we come) and Jenny rode a great little quarter horse that has made these trips with us for 10 years. Mike LOVED Jed, and had no big problems with him. He never spooked, and hesitated only a bit crossing the first big river. Jenny fed and watered Jed, and loved on him every night. I think Jed feels at home, and that NEXT trip Jenny will feel confident enough to ride him. The whole family thinks he is great. I will try to send some photos later today.——–Thanks for all the info on ASEA. How do I place my first order? I think it is worth a try.—-Again, thanks for all your help, we are enjoying Jed to the max, and I feel he has made the adjustment to his new home. Looking forward to a great future together. —–Love, Kim
Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2012 2:15 AM—–(E-mail after their first visit)
Subject: RE:  Jed’s Charm 
Dear Connie, 

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness in hosting our visit to your ranch today. We could tell how well cared for and loved all your horses are, and that is very impressive.  Sorry that we arrived on a day that you were not expecting us… your hospitality in that situation was above and beyond! 
Jenny was totally charmed by “Jed’s Charm”, and talked a lot about him on the flight back home. I think he will have a really healing influence on her, and they will become great friends. Thank you to you, Ashton, and Tom for your patience and for taking such care with Jenny in preparing her to ride. 
We have decided that we think it would be best for Charm to just go straight to our Wyoming ranch rather than Utah. So, could you just get a bid from a carrier to bring Charm to Wyoming?  Again, we so enjoyed our time with you, and are amazed at the project you have undertaken in training horses to be rock solid for children and beginners.    Let me know what else I can do to facilitate this transaction.    Big Hugs,    Kim 


 May, 2012
Brainerd, Minnesota  
E-Mail:  styaunick@brainerd.net
NOTE:  Tina purchased Angel when Angel had just turned 4 – one of our few since doing this – “Exception to the Rule” – chosen –  “young horses”   —  “safe for anyone”!)

Kristen & “Angel”

From: yaunick—-Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2012 7:42 P.M.
To: ‘Connie Wesley’
Subject: RE: How are you all doing with the heat? r u ok?
Hi Connie,… We had a very busy weekend, Angel went for her first trail ride on Saturday with me and my daughter. She did really well a little nervous at times, she would walk really fast, I would just turn her in a circle and continue on. On Sunday we trailerd to a big outdoor arena and rode around she did really well there too. We did gait at the end of the ride that was really fun and smooth…she was a little fast but everything was new. Angel is bonded with me and I with her, she is so loving. Definetly a keeper.    Thank  you so much for Angel !!!!!!    Tina!

From: yaunick
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 12:09 PM
Hi Connie,  Sorry I haven’t e-mailed for a while, we’ve been really really busy. I have not been able to ride but maybe twice in a month. I wanted to tell you how much I love Angle, you could not have picked a better match for me, like I said I haven’t been able to ride, I saddle up Angle yesterday and went for a trail ride.
She was so good, rode like I’ve been riding her all along, we had a wonderful ride, I still can’t believe she is only 4 yr. old. 
Thank you so much for Angle!!!!!!!!
October 16, 2012 – My E-Mail To Tina After We Talked By Phone:
Hi Tina,……I want to tell you how happy I was that you called……you know how time goes by. Before you know it, weeks, months pass. It was so good to hear your voice and all the kind things you had to say about Angel……she is precious….and yes, it is hard to believe she is only 4…….. I don’t normally recommend young horses but occasionally we get one that is an exception to the rule. And all that I have sold have turned out to be the very best…… I am still very cautious with recommending them though……..I just have to be sure.  (:     So happy you love her! 
January 1, 2012
John & Jill w/ Jake & Gypsy
E-Mail:  johnfugate@aol.com                                            Jill & Connie 
Hi Connie, hope this finds you both well.
Just wanted to update you on the horses. First off they are both doing fine. Jake was testing John big time and then one day John lunged him and every since that day he’s been very submissive. And Gypsy total opposite. She was great with me and then one day she totally turned and was pushing me around and wouldn’t come near me. One of the woman that has stalled her horses at the same place kindly offered to help lunge Gypsy with me, made a world of difference. Gypsy is now submissive also. All and all things are coming along nicely. Didn’t realize how much there is to owning a horse and look forward to learning all I can. Going to be starting lessons soon so this should help.
Take Care and we’ll send pictures soon.

Jill Fugate jillmfugate@aol.com
January 12, 2012
Linda & Chip
E-Mail:  Lkonlinebusiness@gmail.com
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012 2:19 AM
Subject: WONDERFUL time spent with you all
Hey Connie,     So-o-o-o  enjoyed spending time with you and Tommy.You guys are wonderful. We so appreciate your patience and kindness in letting us have the whole day to just work it all out. You are so well suited for this, Connie.  You love people and you love horses and you love getting people and horses fitted for each other. We are kindred spirits.     Steve and I have been busy. We did go up to see “Bo” that little 12hh gaited pony I told you about. I had told them we were coming so we just had to go and see him. The people were really very nice but things just didn’t work out with “Bo”.  They felt badly so they asked us if we would try another small horse- a buckskin that was just gorgeous. Well sure…After all, we came all this way,- why not? Their young trainer got on him fine so I rode him out of the barn and decided to take him close before going over to a field. He went goofy when we went past a trailer that had a hog in it. You couldn’t see the hog but he snorted and so worried that poor little horse. He was all shook up, fell to pieces he did. They were now really embarrassed so asked if we would want to ride this pretty little palomino up ion their hill field. I hate to say it, but I had a feeling they weren’t going to get her down. And this young kid that works for them and was really great with their horses tried and tried but he never could catch that horse.    I wanted to share this with you because I have seen God work like this in my life.  I just had to chuckle because they were so embarrassed and honestly disturbed that all these horses were acting up. It could have been an act but I just don’t believe it was. The husband was the sheriff and had a reputation to uphold and we were from out of town so he couldn’t use any politics on us to keep us quiet if they deceived us.    I so wanted a REALLY small gaited horse for the grandkids but Bo was not to be ours. He was very nervous with me and I worked long and hard to gain his confidence. He will work out for somebody. The buckskin will too. I am confident God was just saying to us “None of these are for you. I have them for someone else. Be patient and you’ll see what I have for you. Show me you can wait on me.”.    Now Chip…Well.. Chip is our man! It just took us about 2 years to wait on God who finally let us find him. Hide and go seek???    It is ridiculous how much I hang on to the animals that come to our place. They become my “babies”.  I love my grandkids but they are not around THAT much. So I nurture my dogs and horses. I must be absolutely, beyond any measure, be TOTALLY sure it will be the one who will be with us “until death do us part”. (LOL, but it’s pretty true). Chip is wonderful for us. We will take it slow and get him very comfortable before we even go in the round pen. We can take our time and just fall in love.      I am just now finishing this. I had to abandon my writing several times because after I started it, we were traveling and the weather got really nasty. I couldn’t “help” Steve drive so I put it up the laptop. lol      It is late, we are home and very tired. We’ll wire tomorrow the rest of the payment.  Take care Connie. See you soon Love You, Linda Kesselring   P.S You know what? I reread your sales agreement and I realized you are very much like my very dear friend, Vicky. You both are very thorough.  I love that about Vicky and I love that about you. I love thorough! It shows a mind that is WORKING!
April 16, 2011 
Becky Lee and Rosebud
(Becky traded in her beautiful Oreo for Rosebud….and Oreo is in Florida with Dennis and Linda!!)
E-Mail:   ssbeckylee@aol.com
I hope you are well & enjoying spring!  I know it has been too long since I’ve written.  I have had one technology problem after another!  Our internet at home (out in the country) is not the best & my phone (which I rely on for everything) went crazy & they finally sent me a new one.  AND my husband is leaving for Iraq (for a year) in a few days.  I don’t have to tell YOU how the world never stops spinning!  So glad GOD is in control.  = ]
Anyway, I love Rosie more each day!  She is SO smart & unbelievably sweet!  I was out one hot day last week cleaning the water troughs & filling with the hose.  She nickered & turned her backside to me and looked over her shoulder to get me to spray her!  She is pure joy ~ and very happy here!  I have been riding her as much as possible and will soon be taking her for a little trail riding.  Tommy was right ~ when he handed me Rosie’s lead he said, “If you can’t ride this horse, give it up and get a bike!”  Haha!  Boy, was he right! 
I was so glad to hear of Oreo’s new family ~ in MY home state!  It sounds like a good family & good home for him.  I know he is a good horse and deserves that.  Sounds like a good deal for everyone ~ horses & people!  I knew without a doubt that YOU would make just the right match for him.  You surely did for me!  You are a true gift ~ straight from heaven!  If you ever need a recommendation for anyone about your heart for this & your ability to get it right ~ I would gladly supply a glowing testimony. 
I pray God’s richest favor & blessings on you and those you hold dear! 
Hope you have a blessed Easter,  Becky

(From Rosebud to Connie: )   

With nickers & muzzle kisses to Connie! 
April 12, 2011
Note from Connie:   We sold Kong -one of the most beautiful stallions we have ever seen —-to Larry back in 2008!  He has bred Kong and photo of baby colt is below—and also, Larry’s most recent e-mail dated April 12, 2011.  It has been awhile so I have been unable to find
Kong’s photos……….He is on our home page…..the 3 horses……Kong is on the right!   So beautiful!  And just as sweet and well – mannered!  I will never forget him!!
Hello Connie!
Its Larry Blackburn…not sure if you remember me but I got “Kong” from you 3 years ago…?  I went to your web site to get your phone number or email address and saw your note that email was not working over the weekend so will try this addy to see if its getting thru or not.  I wanted to ask you some advice about Kong and shoes and bits and if you could give me a call at my cell…..859 907 2000. I would appreciate it.
Kong is still with me…thought due to health I was gonna have to let him go but when it came down to parting with him I couldnt do it…I just love him too much to see him go so instead I let him be a pasture ornament for over a year while I had surgury and now Im back to riding and he is as great as ever.  I love this horse to death and he is truly one amazing stallion!  We have trailored to several riding locations this spring and everyone who meets him is impressed with him.  I even bred him to that older thoroughbred mare and got one amazing filly who just turned one year old yesterday.  I am attaching a photo of Kongs baby girl that I call “Stormy” cause she was born duirng a bad spring storm last year. I had to help pull her out and then imprinted her and she is spoiled to death…need to get working on more training on her such as tieing and standing better for blacksmith….but she is sure one sweet girl and takes after Kong in all aspects. 
Hope to hear from you ;very soon…thanks Connie 
(photos attached)

Midnight-Kong-6                                                                 ______________________________________


March 1, 2011 Below is a reference given by Jenny….to a family that had contacted her, Beth Guillaume.   Jenny purchased a 20 mo. old gelding – Midnight – that she renamed John Henry!  This the same horse that her three year old rode with Jenny only  a few days after taking him home. From: “Redding, Jennifer (KYOAG)” <jennifer.redding@ag.ky.gov> To: Steve Guillaume <guils1@sbcglobal.net> Sent: Tue, March 1, 2011 1:31:24 PM Subject: RE: Connie Wesley

I’ve actually bought two horses from Connie…Well, three if you count my fiance’s…J  Connie is a very good person and true to her word.  J  She cares equally about the people she sells to and the horses she sells…She would never let a horse go to someone whom she feels would be an ill-fit or vice versa…And she’ll tell you so…hahaha!  J  Connie is very open and honest and she will always tell you to come and spend the day with her and the horses…Even encouraging folks to drop in unannounced so you will know that her horses are just as you see them advertised…I took her up on this with the purchase of my first horse and spent the day with her/them…A few days later, my 3 year-old and I were riding the horse I purchased from her…J  In my opinion, you won’t find a more honest person to buy from…J  If you have any questions, please give me a call…(502) 229-6831.  J Beth also contacted Dennis who as of 12-15-12 – has 8 of our horses.  Below is Beth’s e-mail to me after talking with Dennis.   She then ended up buying

I just hung up with Dennis and he has “WOWED” me with his comments.I know you have someone there at the moment so I will wait to hear from you.  I am off to an appointment at 11:15 so will not be available until probably 12:00.  I can be reached on my cell 630-400-9896 thru out the day and look forward to hearing from you.        Beth Guillaume

______________________________________  February 20, 2011 -SEE MORE RECENT TESTIMONIALS FROM LEAH BELOW – LAST ONE 9-23-2012 John, Leah, & Countess – Now called “Tess” INDIANA E-Mail:  leah7231@comcast.net http://forestridgefarm.com/images/img_0429_000.jpg Connie,  I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Countess (I call her Tess). I have to admit I was VERY apprehensive, not so much about Tess but trusting you. Let me explain why; I had previously been misled by a lady who sold me my supposed “dream horse”, I had always dreamed of a palomino walking horse and thought I had found him and according to his owner he was very broke, the neighborhood kids rode him, no problems at all, and I also explained to her that I had been hurt before and did not want a horse that might hurt me again and cause my confidence level to plummet. Long story short, after 4 hours of riding one day (we had also rode many miles on previous rides) he decided to buck for no reason at all, I came off broke my arm and ended up with surgery and two rods in my arm, so needless to say my trust in people and women selling their horse was horrible, we honestly  Connie,  I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Countess (I call her Tess). I have to admit I was VERY apprehensive, not so much about Tess but trusting you. Let me explain why; I had previously been misled by a lady who sold me my supposed “dream horse”, I had always dreamed of a palomino walking horse and thought I had found him and according to his owner he was very broke, the neighborhood kids rode him, no problems at all, and I also explained to her that I had been hurt before and did not want a horse that might hurt me again and cause my confidence level to plummet. Long story short, after 4 hours of riding one day (we had also rode many miles on previous rides) he decided to buck for no reason at all, I came off broke my arm and ended up with surgery and two rods in my arm, so needless to say my trust in people and women selling their horse was horrible, we honestly  believe he was drugged when we purchased him because he just kept getting crazier by the day. My husband and I showed up on Connie’s doorstep on a Sunday morning, we even woke her up. Connie was so gracious to us, we explained to her what we were looking for and why. We were in the market for a mare and now enters Tess. It wasn’t love at first sight but the more I saw of her and played with her I felt myself falling for her, but, could I trust Connie? Connie told me to take my time with Tess, let her get to know me and me to know her, I did and I LOVE HER! What’s more I completely trust Connie, she renewed my trust in people. I would not hesitate to send anyone her way to buy their dream horse. Tess and I are becoming a team and I plan on riding her for many more years and when the time comes we can retire together. http://forestridgefarm.com/images/tess013.jpg All I can say is thank you, thank you, Connie. I love my beautiful gray Dream Horse.  Happy trails,  Leah **********************Note from Connie:       “First time I met Leah & John”:—On February 13th, 2011, I was in bed sleeping on a Sunday morning, when I got a phone call. It was Leah and John from Indiana —and they were sitting in my driveway!! I got dressed and went out to meet them. We had a great time,…..Leah didn’t really like the horse she had come to ride, and gave me a description of what she was looking for. Well,…her description was “Countess”.  We got Countess out of the pasture and Leah rode her. I could feel that Leah felt unsure,….even after they bought her that day. I knew if she could just spend time with her, she would love her. I hoped she would give Countess that chance. “I believe it is VERY difficult to have trust–to “feel safe”with a new horse in one day”.   I have had a few families come and ride a horse that I felt in my heart they would be a match.   But they would not give them a chance.   It takes time and one has to be willing to put forth the effort and give them a chance. It wasn’t until later, “days after she got Countess home” when she had a chance to spend time with Countess (now her beloved Tess) – that she was able to trust and feel safe…….I often think how sad it would have been if like so many,……she had given up too soon and had not given Tess a chance. I am So happy that she did, and as you can read below, “so is she”! 3-20-11 – Text from Leah: Wanted to let you know we went for our first real ride today and we did FABULOUS. I THINK i’m in love. 3-21-11 – Text from Leah:You don’t ever have to worry about her she has a very good home. Thank you so much for letting her come into my life. ———-My Reply: You are welcome…. And yes would love a photo …. And lea when you send photo?? And have time could you write a testimonial about your experience with your visit to our stables and countess?? I sure would appreciate it!! Keep me updated! 3-21-11 – Text from Leah: I would be very honored to write about our experience. 5-15-11 – Text from Leah: love her. My confidence is coming back. THANK YOU AGAIN I LOVE HER. 6-05-11 – Text from Leah: Hi Connie, just letting u know Tess and I went to a walking horse clinic yesterday and our girl was the star of the day. Everybody went on how gorgeous she was and how sweet. Has she ever been shown? The instuctor was pretty certain she had. I also didn’t know she would work off of leg cues and has a fantastic side pass. Well I wanted to give u an update and let u know again I Love Her. : ) 8-13-11 – Text from Leah: We went on a trail ride today with all gaited horses it was so fun. We also did a fun show. We placed first in gaited pleasure. Yeah!  Thanks again for selling us a wonderful horse!   Leah

9-23-12 – E-Mail from Leah:
Hi Connie,   Hope all is well with you. Thought I would give you an update on Tess. I still LOVE her and we have a very special bond. She has helped give me my confidence back and I am so grateful for that. I am attaching a picture of John and me riding at Deam Lake, if you look really hard you can see we are soaked from a rain storm. I am also attaching a flier of a QH filly we have, she was born May 17th of this year, she is out of my QH mare. I can’t ride her anymore because of an old injury so I told her she had to have a baby to earn her keep. lol and what a baby she had, this gal is built like crazy. I thought you might know some QH people that would be interested in a project to train as they want. She is going to go in any direction they would choose. If you don’t mind pass her info on, I sure would appreciate it. I always look at your website to see what you are up to and to look at the beautiful horses.   As always Thank You for being an honest and gracious lady.   Leah


NOTE:  If you scroll down, you will see another testimonial from Dennis and Linda. They have EIGHT of our horses and spring, 2011, – I sent them Big John, and 2012- “Oreo”…….Just recently, December, 2012 – We sent them “Santana”.   ALL 8 HORSES PURCHASED BY PHONE! We will be posting more photos and testimonial soon.
Dennis & Linda
E-mail – linandden@bellsouth.net 

Dennis introducing Big John to Rebel! – 2011-                                               Dennis and Beautiful Big John! Now “Johnnie”



January 18, 2011 

Hi Connie!       How are you doing?  I sure miss you guys!  But I have a great home here in Ohio.  As you already heard, I had a little baby boy who is not so little anymore.  He sure is a spit fire!  He looks just like me……..why not since I’m so beautiful.  J  And he is really clever!  Debbie separated us just after Thanksgiving.  She moved Taz (don’t you just love his name!!!) in a pasture with nothing but other little colts and fillies so that he had lots of friends to play with and so that he wouldn’t miss me too much.  Of course, I’m an old pro at having babies so I was fine.  She moved me out of sight, but within hearing and talking distance of Taz so I could reassure him when he cried out that everything would be just fine.  It worked just great!  He stayed calm and was running and playing in no time.——-Back to his name…….Taz.  It sure fits him.  When he was really little, he would run really fast in circles around me.  He reminded everyone of the Tasmanian Devil…..with the attitude to match!  He’s not really mean, just rambunctious and mischievous.  He has the best personality though!  I wish you could meet him.  I know that you would just fall in love with him! 

Debbie told me the other day that my vacation was just about over.  She has been really great in giving me my time to be pregnant, to have the baby, and to raise the baby.  I know that she wasn’t expecting me to be pregnant when she bought me and had to put off her plans with me for what will soon be a year now.  I also know that she had never had to deal with a horse having a baby before.  But I showed her that it was no big deal.  But that is over with now and this spring it will be back to riding!  Don’t tell her, but you know that I will enjoy that as much as she will!  J  She has me really spoiled, but don’t tell her that either.  I get treats, brushed, petted, and lots of kisses!  I wish every horse had my life  How are you feeling these days?  The last time Debbie spoke with you, you weren’t doing so well.  I hope that you are doing better!  You also were having trouble with your email.  I told her to use the email on your new postings so that my letter would reach you safely.  She has written you several times using the email address that you two corresponded with after she bought me, but I was not sure if you got them or not.  She knows that I am really worried about you hearing from me, so she included other email address in the CC along with her new home address.  I sure hope this one reaches you!  As soon as Debbie learns how to use her new camera, I plan on sending you pictures!  Don’t tell Debbie that I said this, but she really is not an electronic genius!  But I love her anyways!        Well, I need to go.  I have an appointment to get my back scratched.  I’m sure that I will get some kisses and a treat or two as well.  I hope this finds you well!  Write me sometime and let me know how you are doing!    Love,    Tess
Written by:  Tess’s Owner - Debbie Gleason
The Nelson FamilY – &  Sweet Buttercup! 
E-Mail:     eight.nelsons@gmail.com


3-22-11  –   Hugs from the North!
Hi Connie, 
Thanks for the email…but we were SO sorry to hear of your loss.  You have our sympathy…it is incredibly hard to let go of a beloved pet after it’s been part of your family for so many years.  We went through it a few years back…when the time came for our first family dog to leave us (a Sheltie that we brought home as an 8-week old puppy as a birthday gift for our oldest daughter when she was only two!), we all cried for days (and I cried for weeks!).  And about the time when I thought I had gotten over it, I received a sympathy card from the vet clinic, signed by everyone there, with comments about what a wonderful dog he was, and I cried my eyes out AGAIN!  It’s nice that you were able to bury Kelly in her favorite spot…that’s how our kids felt about it when we had to bury the first pony we lost to colic 3 years ago.  When they walk out to the pasture, they know exactly where Blackjack is, and know that he’s in his favorite spot :)  Part of the extreme sadness we felt when we lost Angel back in December was that we were not able to bury her here at home.  My husband took his backhoe out to the pasture and tried his best, but the ground was so frozen solid, he was not able to even scratch the surface…so we had to make an awful phone call, and have her picked up and taken away.  And of course, we had to wait three days for the truck to get here, so in the meantime, my husband had to build a temporary “tomb” for her out of old sheets of plywood he had laying around, to keep the coyotes away from her body at night, so it was a lot of stress at a difficult time…but somehow, we manage those difficult times and pull through, and are stronger for them…
On to happier subjects…Buttercup is doing very well, and our incessant winter doesn’t seem to bother her one bit!  When she gets chilly, she happily takes the best, coziest spot in the shelter, leaving the other horses to squeeze in wherever they can ~ the name “Princess Buttercup” suits her perfectly!  She definitely considers herself “above” the other horses out there…not in a bad way, but it truly is amazing how she let it be known (in their silent horse language), that she would be the boss, and she basically has gone unchallenged :)  Nicole’s horse, Chocolate, who SO thought herself the boss before Buttercup arrived, was not a true boss at all!  Next to raising children, I am finding horse psychology to be one of the most interesting subjects!
I’ve been in contact with Lori from Ohio, and she sent us the most wonderful email filled with details of Buttercup’s time before you, AND she sent us pictures of her daughter showing Buttercup, AND a picture of Buttercup with her colt from the spring of 2008!  The girls here were all SO happy to see those photos, and we now feel like we know Buttercup even better :)
Hi Connie ~ Here’s those pictures I promised (with some help from my computer-savvy creative daughters!).  Doesn’t Buttercup look cute in her winter blanket?  And she looks like she’s lived in Canada all her life!?!  It was funny watching her walk in the deep snow at first…she picked up her back feet gingerly and acted like she wasn’t sure where she should set them back down :)  But she’s trotted out to the pasture in the really deep snow, and it looks like she’s not letting it bother her anymore.  We have her blanketed because today the wind chill is nasty…it looks as if March will “come in like a lion” for us this year :(  But if we go by the old saying, then it should “go out like a lamb”, so hopefully the worst of our winter is over before long :)  Buttercup has settled in really well…so this morning, for feeding, we decided to feed her in the same pen as the other 2 ponies (the 2 bigger horses are separate), and the 3 of them happily ate their hay without ANY issues, not very far apart from each other :)  So she has already become part of “the herd.”   
Emily sends a special “thank you” for sending her such a wonderful pony!  Emily absolutely loves Buttercup, and promises to take good care of her always :)
 Happy Trails…Linda & Emily (and the rest of us still freezing our butts off up here in Northern Alberta!)
November 1, 2010
Ruth Blalock and her daughter, Connor – with Geronimo (now called Tucker)
E-Mail:   connorblalock@yahoo.com  
Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 9:45 PM
Subject: Re: Surprise!!!!!
Hello Connie, 
Hope all is well in Science Hill and you are continuing to gain strength.  I wanted to let you know Geronomo is doing good.  He is slowly starting to relax but I still don’t think he is the horse he will be in a few more weeks.  I think he really missed his home.  He was so jumpy and didn’t really want us to touch him too much for several days. We finally have him relaxing and dropping his head while we rub his forehead.  We are going to ride him tomorrow for the first time so I’ll let you know how that goes.  Really excited about that!!!  I know it took Jake a good month to start really trusting us and showing us those big brown loving eyes, so we’re giving Geronomo time to trust us that much too.  We had a really bad windy & stormy night this past week and I know the horses had a bad night because the ground in their paddocks was tore up from them running.  I really hope we find some land soon where we can build and have them right beside us.
Geronomo & Jake hit it off from the first moment they met.  They get along great most of the time…kind of just ignore each other except the times when Jake gets jealous.  The first day Geronomo came Jake kept getting between him and us like he didn’t want him near us.  It was cute, but I think he’s getting used to him now.  He was used to all our loving, but now we have to love on them both.  Today they had their first little “spat”.  Connor went to let bring them in from the pasture to feed them and I think they started fighting over who was going to be first.  It was just a little biting and kicking, but by the time they were back in their paddocks all was quiet.   Geronomo hasn’t sniffed our hair yet.  I can’t wait until he loves us and trust us completely.  Hopefully, that will be really soon. 
Well just thought I’d let you know how things are going here in Kings Mountain.  I’ll send some pictures soon. 
In His Love,   Ruth
December 12, 2010
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 3:28 PM
Subject: Re: Surprise!!!!!
Hey Connie, 
I am so happy to hear you’re doing good.  I’m sure it’s overwhelming, especially this time of year.  You have such a great attitude…give thanks in all things!  I hope you got to enjoy some time at Thanksgiving with your daughter and her family. 
I have to tell you that we rode Geronomo (aka Tucker as he is getting called these days – we want a Tucker saddle for him and the name has stuck, plus it rolls off the tongue easier too) yesterday.  The weather was nasty Saturday and really cold and windy yesterday but we just couldn’t wait.  I have to tell you it was absolutely great!!!   I think he missed all that routine because when we got him out, brushed him, cleaned his feet and saddled him up, he was a totally different horse!  I think he loved it!   He was soooo very responsive and smooth.  We barely had to use the reins.  We didn’t go far and we are planning a longer trail ride for this weekend with some friends near by.
Anyway, there is such a difference in Tucker from even when we wrote you last time.  Every day is getting better and better, especillay when we can spend a lot of time with him like this past weekend.  He is allowing us to give him kisses and hugs more easily.  The days are way too short now.  Connor goes by after school and lets them out in the pasture, but by the time we get there after I get off work during the week it is dark.
I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you.  A couple of my first ride yesterday and one showing you his sweet calm eyes yesterday. 
We’ll talk soon!!  Prayers are sent your way each day! 
December 12, 2010
Hi Connie!
It was a beautiful Saturday for our ride of almost 3 hours.  Tucker did wonderful…never spooked once, although he has spooked around the barn several times.  I think he was excited to get out.  He had his head high and his little fast walk going on.  We went through creeks, up hills, down hills & up roads with no trouble.  We were so tired when we got back, both the horses and Connor & me.  The horses were really sweaty even though it was just 40 degrees.  We weren’t sure if we should rinse them off or not, but was afraid it was a little too cold so just brushed them down.  Of course the first thing they did was roll in the dirt.  Anway, we just wanted to let you know Tucker did great!  Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.  Less than 2 weeks to Christmas!!!  Hard to beleive it’s here. 
Take care of yourself!  Blessings & prayers are sent your way.  Love,  Ruth & Connor 
July 15, 2010
Chelsey & Family with Trip
Chelsey & Trip – June, 2011 –  

  Chelsey’s Sister – July 2011              Chelsey & Sweet Trip -July-2010                     Chelsey, Parents, & Grandpa -July – 2010

Chelsey and Trip truly have a story to tell! Chelsey was one of seven beautiful – and Very Blessed – children adopted by her parents, and just a couple of months ago, they adopted another baby!! I first met Chelsey summer, 2008, when she called and purchased Trip by phone. It was going to be four weeks before we could get him transported to Utah,….and Chelsey could not wait!! She and her Mom flew to Ky.- just to see trip. After Trip was transported to Utah, from day one, Chelsey and everyone at the boarding facility fell in love with Trip! —–October, 2009, Chelsey with a broken heart – for personal family reasons – sold Trip back to me. It was a very difficult time. I truly fee l the reason why Trip did not sell during that time after his return to our home, – I believe that things happen for a reason. During that time, a person from Texas had purchased Trip, – paid for him by bank wire, – subject to a vet exam. Trip had a swollen knot on his knee from some unknown source. He was not lame, and he was not sore. Because of this, this person basically expressed that he was a crippled horse, decided not to purchase him and I returned her money. I believe that when things are meant to be, God will work it out. By some miracle, we still had Trip when Chelsey called in May, 2010, and again, purchased Trip. In June, Chelsey and her family made the trip down here from Utah with a horsetrailer, and took Trip back home!!! It was a beautiful, heart-warming experience to see Chelsey and Trip “the first time they saw each other” after being separated……”He knew her!!!” It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen to watch him with Chelsey—- Chelsey has since then, graduated high school this year, and is attending college!

Chelsey’s parents have hearts that are filled with SO much love and compassion for children. Chelsey and all of her sibblings are adopted, and now, she has a new baby brother!!! I cannot describe in words how Blessed I have been to have been a part of this family…..it has just been an amazing experience!  AND FOR THE RECORD? THE SWELLING WENT DOWN WITHIN TWO WEEKS, – TRIP WAS  NEVER LAME, SORE OR CRIPPLED —HE PASSED TWO OTHER VET CHECKS AFTER THAT—- WITH NO PROBLEMS THEREAFTER! SO IT WAS THE TEXAS WOMAN’S LOSS, AND CHELSEY’S GAIN…AND I AM SO VERY HAPPY IT HAPPENED THE WAY IT DID!!!!!!    Trip’s heart belongs to Chelsey and always will!!!

Henry Logan                   Chelsey’s Sisters & Trip



April, 2010 – Golden Girl – Now “Dolly”

Carol Hahn & her son, 11 year old Paul—– and family!
E-Mail:    hahndow@gmail.co

Connie, Paul has named Golden Girl “Dolly”.   She is a doll. She was out in the pasture all day. I walked out to the pasture and she immediately walked the length of the pasture to come to me. I brushed her and fitted my saddle to her, and walked her up and down the gravel lane.  She nuzzled me and I loved on her for a couple of hours. Last night and tonight she is in a stall where she can see outside. She is a loving girl, and we love her. Good luck on your appointment tomorrow.  Carol



February 10, 2010
Christl Ray and Elvis
North Carolina

Hi Connie!  I called the other day and talked too much and got cut off!  I have been meaning to call back and tell you about Elvis.  He’s doing great!  I’ve ridden him on average once a week, you know the rain has been terrible.  And he does great, going down the road and back.  His gait is wonderful.  Sometimes he breaks into a pace or a trot, but when i have the chance to ride him several days in a row, he keeps his gait nicely.  He’s pastured now with the other three horses and doing great.  The first time I rode him, I was nervous, and I had a trainer come out and help me for that first time.  Elvis did great, I was more nervous than he was, but after that first introduction, he’s been great.  Once on a ride, we rode by our neighbor’s cow fields, and he was really upset and snorting and wanting to get away… I didn’t know what was wrong, but finally heard the muted cry of a downed mother, with a calf half way out of her (birthing) but the baby was dead and Mama couldn’t get up, and she was in shock and very spent.  She couldn’t really move.  So, all that to say, Elvis could smell and hear and sense that something was very wrong, but stayed controllable despite his fear and desire to bolt.  I was proud of him and of me.  we did great together.  And on another ride, we rode past a llama that charged at us from some woods, and Elvis thought a beast from the book of Revelation was about to get him.  Still, he rode past it like I was asking him to do.  He stayed calm, and the worst he did was trot past despite my pulling to get him to walk.  I was afraid he’d throw me and bolt home, but he didn’t.  Not even on the way back having to go past the llama again.  He didn’t run home.  I’m proud of him and we’re doing great.  It’s a thrill to ride him, and I think we are learning each other more and more.   I’d love to write more, but I gotta go tell my kids good night.   I hope to talk to you again soon, and find out how you are doing through all the trials you have faced.      Christl     ELVIS! Gorgeous and SO very sweet!!!    ______________________________________

From: Jean Brown 
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 8:42 PM
To: Connie Wesley [mailto:cswesley@newwavecomm.net] 
Subject:  Blondie

Oh you made me feel so much better. I can know she’s surrounded by people that know how to take care of her and love her as well. Horse people are good people, and I think it’s because the horses work on our hearts. It’s obvious it was meant to be, so I can be at peace with that.  I will share this with Doug and Boone, she has carried them both many miles, always willingly and without urging, ever. I so admire the work you do matching folks to horses. It takes a knowledgeable, caring person to accomplish a good match. Thanks again for your response. It really made my day!!   jbrown    ______________________________________ 

February, 2010 – “Dakota”
Alvin and Family

From Connie: 02/12/2010 – One of my customers, Alvin, from Houston, Texas, who last week purchased Dakota, contacted Dennis & Linda Lareau in Florida, who (at this time) had four of my horses, (they now have SIX of our horses) –  for a reference. Dennis replied with the below e-mail, and they sent me a copy. I am very, very proud of this………..

—– Forwarded Message —- From: linda (linandden@bellsouth.net) To: Alvin Sent: Thu, February 4, 2010 8:47:02 AM Subject: Re: Forest Ridge Farm Good Morning Alvin: I am not sure of your “horse” experience, so I don’t want to burden you with information you already know, so if after I am done with the email, if there is more information you would like to have, please, by all means, send me another email or even feel free to call me at 850-814-4844.  Up until 2 1/2 years ago, Linda and I never owned a horse in our life. Fortunately, we moved to the country in northwest Florida and our neighbors had horses. The neighbors kind of warned us that buying a horse is like buying a used car, you just never know what you are going to get. Anyway, so off to the internet I went looking for horses. Since my wife and I are not really spring chickens anymore, my research led me to gaited horses, in particular Tennessee Walkers. Then my research led me to horsetopia and then to Connie and Forest Ridge Farm. I don’t know what it was, but the minute I read about Connie on Horsetopia I felt honesty and sincerity and then once I talked to Connie, it made Linda and I feel like we were talking to family. Knowing that buying a horse is a big decision, I probably took weeks of calling Connie and asking questions. Connie told us she has sold most of her horses sight unseen by the buyers. Since this was our first purchase Linda and I drove the14 hours from Florida to Kentucky. Connie greeted us as if we were kin, rode horses, told us the story about each horse and we picked two that we really feel in love with, but asked Connie to give us a couple days to make our decision.  We even looked at a trailer she had so we could get them back to Florida. Well, we talked and talked for about a week and Connie never pushed us she just listened and talked to us. We purchased Breeze and Dusty and the trailer. Connie and Tommy agreed to meet us in Tennessee, which was about 1/2 way. We have  loved our horses we bought from Connie. We purchased two Quarter Horses locally, one was a horse that needed to be rescued and the second was a horse that was owned by a friend that said it was bomb proof and a great sound horse. Linda and I would like to own one more horse and the only website I trust is Connie. I sincerely highly recommend Connie. Connie usually has the horse’s feet trimmed, wormed, shots and a coggins. I think she sometimes will make sure it has been checked by a vet and sometimes will have the teeth floated.  Connie arranged transportation for Elvis and Rebel and she really works hard to make sure that the rates are fair and the transporter is reputable. I trust her making these arrangements for you. Please understand that anything can happen to the horse once it leaves her property. Since I was spending $9,000 for horses, I went out and purchased a life insurance policy for a couple hundred dollars so I knew I had financial protection while the horses were in transit. I kept the policy for the first year, just in case, but cancelled it upon renewal. This I would recommend if you can afford it. Ask Connie to explain the coggins, what shots to give the horse, when to give them, when the horse was wormed, what brand of wormer she used and especially talk about feeding the horse. This is critical because quickly changing the diet can have a detrimental effect on the health of the horse. Buy the same type of bit that Connie has been using. Then you will have fun buying a saddle, bridle, girth, brushes, curry combs, mane detangler, etc etc.!! What horse are you looking at? I hope this helped you with your decision. Connie is very honest, sincere and trustworthy. You are buying an animal, so anything is possible but I trust Connie will tell you everything she knows about any horse. This is the most anyone can ask. We highly recommend buying a horse from Connie!! Good luck and let us know if we can answer any other questions for you. Dennis Lareau http://forestridgefarm.com/images/img_0488.jpg As you can see, Dakota ended up with Alvin and his family in Houston, Texas – and is Very happy, as they are with him!! Alvin prefers not to give out his contact information - I can have him, upon request,  (serious buyers only),  call you. 


February, 2010 – “Blue’s Magic
New Jersey 
E-Mail:  ttwolf2002@yahoo.com
Note from Connie: My sweet horse, Blue’s Magic, is now owned by a wonderful person, Tom, who purchased him from the man that I originally sold him in 2009. It is the only time, that I am aware of, that one of my horses ended up in the wrong hands….. As careful as I am, I realize that the possibility of this happening is always there. Blue was one of the sweetest, most loving horses we have had……..When Tom got him, he was head shy……and very afraid. I couldn’t believe it…..”not Blue”. It broke my heart. By the Grace of God, Blue has ended up in the hands of a man with so much love in his heart for Blue. We are now in touch daily and he has sent me some of the most beautiful photos! These two were my favorite because Blue looks so healthy and happy!!!

I just wanted to share this with everyone………..”I am…..So Grateful. ..”——and from my heart, “thank you, Tom”! http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/BleusMagic-1.jpgSent: February 09, 2010http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/BleusMagic-2.jpg Dear Connie, Blues Magic has been quite an adventure to date. I have been owned by Blue (His new name) for quite a while, and He is certainly one of a kind. He is by far the most curious (nosy) individual I have owned, or even met. If I have something to do anywhere near him, he must come right over and supervise.  He watches me so intently, I can’t quite figure out why he would need to know all about how the fence locks are made…Escape plans maybe but… He is all personality, loves to play (jolly ball, paddock- soccer, you name it) and he is endlessly inventing new ways to amuse himself. He walks well, and is very respectful when it comes to work. I spend a great deal of time with him, and I am never disappointed. I Thank you personally for the after- care, your dedication to your clients, and for helping to form a truly interesting and happy horse. I continue to fine-tune his routine, and he works like a pro. Probably my last and BEST horse! With my greatest Thanks, Tom ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- December 10, 2010 I am beyond pleased with the bond I have with him, he is something else for certain. If I am anywhere within the barn, he will not hesitate to nicker to me to pay attention to him, or he has need of room service. He will (you’ll love this also)  back-up to the muck bucket, and poop right into it while I am picking his stall. I cannot even believe he has “house trained” himself, as I had never even though that possible. Chamber pot is not going to happen, no matter what he might think.. Some updated photos of His Lordship are here if you wish to pay homage… http://www.flickr.com/photos/wolftography/ OK then, a Blessed Christmas, and write back when you’ve the chance. -Tom and Blue __________________________________________ 2009

December, 2009 – “Lucky”
Martha & Jeff
E-mail –  m.maccabe@hotmail.com
 From: Martha
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 Hi Connie We are so thankful we found your web site and were able to buy Lucky before someone else did. He has been the perfect horse for us. At age 67 and an inexperienced rider, I wanted a safe horse and I don’t think we could have found a safer one. I tell my friends, who question me riding at my age, that he is my kind of horse…low and slow. (I like the fact that he is short.) I can get him to go fast by asking, but if I want a slow ride he’s willing to do that. He’s just everything you advertised. The grandchildren love riding him, and best of all, we don’t worry about them when they ride. We appreciate your efforts to provide safe horses. And purchasing him was such an easy process. Thank you for being our path to Lucky! Keep up the good work!  Best wishes,  Martha & Jeff  -  Blaine, TN 

Sent: Monday, February 01, 2010 11:34 AM Hi Connie, I’m attaching a note and some pictures of Lucky. Feel free to use whatever you like. We really are enjoying Lucky, although we don’t ride a lot because of the weather. I feel safer on him than any horse I’ve ever ridden. (You can add that to my letter if you’d like.) If this isn’t what you had in mind for your web site, just let me know. Hope all is going well with you. Stay warm and safe.  Blessing, Martha  Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! All is going well in Blaine. I really like riding Lucky. We both feel he is going to be a good horse for me and the grandchildren. Love, Martha, Jeff, and Lucky __________________________________________

September, 2009 - 
Kay & “Firecracker”
New Jersey
E-Mail:    kaytowles@gmail.com

-http://forestridgefarm.com/images/MyFav.JPG Connie, We just finished another NJ Tennesse Walking Horse Drill Team. Wanted to share this photo of Charlie and Firecracker. Thy are the 3rd in on the left. Aren’t they a handsome couple. Hope you have weathered all these storms.  Take care and God Bless.  Kay _________________________________________________________Connie, —-Sorry you have been ill. I hope trick or treating with your grand daughter made up for it. Fire Cracker and I had a FABULOUS ride Sunday. I packed us a lunch and we took a nice long break along the river. By the way, Fire cracker like peanut butter & jelly. He did awesome! We crossed a very wide river at Valley Forge Battleground in PA, There were dozens of deer running through the woods, and the killer was a freight train went through and made an awful sound. Its funny how I trust him already. I come home at 5:30 every night and take him out and let him graze and brush him. (Chris is trying to steal my horse!) We leave on Sunday for the Mountains in Va. I will send pictures when I get back.  Hope you are well and not working too hard. Looks like you have sold almost all you had posted. Good for You! Happy Halloween and I will be in touch soon.   Kay __________________________________________

August, 2009 – “Willie”
E-mail - Bleaguered@aol.com 

Note from Connie: This e-mail is one that I sent to Dori on the day the transporter, Ronnie, was to pickup and transport Willie to Wisconsin for Dori. – Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 from Connie to Dori – Day of Transporting Willie: Subject: “Ronnie is close….won’t be long”. Dori, Ronnie called and he is in Knoxville, Tn., which is two hours from me. So he will be here soon. Willie is ready to go…… Dori, I always worry when send “any” horse to someone who has not come in person….. but I worry more, when I send one like Willie. His sire, “Way High Willie”……was very energetic…..and sometimes……a little rascal……… Most all of his colts are the same way. Willy has it in his bloodline to be that way……and he is playful…….but he is also a horse that you need to be careful with until you get to know him. He is a little rascal……. He snuggles and gives kisses…….but —do not do this before feeding him……when the feed cart is out there……he celebrates……..very frisky……and he willl softly “nip” instead of being snugly ……….he gets so excited and anxious…it is his way of saying……”hurry up”. So please remember to be careful at feeding time and not be snuggling with him. …….I would lunge him…..or let him out to exercise before riding……Dori…..he is a lot of horse…….and I so hope that you will be happy with him. But most of all, I want you to be cautious with him until you get to know him……. I can’t tell you anything about running with other horses….because we have never done that…..we have kept him stalled here because he is so beautiful, and I didn’t have a vacant lot to put him in where the other horses could not get to him. Jason has worked really hard with him every day since he has been here and “he is So much better” with everything………but he still can be full of it when mounting and riding if he has been stalled. Willie  is a lot of horse………I just want you to take your time….be careful……..until you get to know him…… I wouldn’t have you hurt for anything in this world…….. . I tell everyone……on EVERY HORSE I SELL…….to please do the groundwork. Get to know him….spend time with just grooming him, taking him for walks around the property,….introducing him to the other animals…….. Ground work builds trust—–for both the rider and the horse. I tell everyone to give them 2 – 3 days to rest and settle in before riding them……The trips are Very exhausting,….especially when it is hot weather…….and it is very traumatic on them, I think.   I always feel sad when I put one on the transport trailer……because they don’t know what is going on. I wish that God had created horses to be able to communicate…..so we could explain about why they are leaving….where they are going….and that everything is going to be all right. Especially for those who have had the same home all their life…… I can’t think of anything else…..I am attaching a photo of his feet……bit…….and video of bridling him……okay?…..If you have any questions, “please” just ask…..I will let you know when they leave….and his anticipated time of arrival to your home………… I just wanted to make sure - for the last time – that Willie is what you want and that you are going to be okay with him…….If you want to change your mind, we need to let Ronnie know… Hugs and prayers, Connie (I will send photos/video in separate e-mails…….) Thank you, Dori, From Connie – Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009 5:45 PM from Dori to Connie Hi Connie, Willie arrived around 5 a.m. this morning. They also had a flat along the way. Tracy said the people who delivered Willie were very nice. He ate all of his hay and they watered him. They made a stop along the way and let Willie stretch his legs. I went to the barn around 11 a.m. today. He was so quiet in his stall.When I peered in he met me at the stall door. I took him out on a lunge line and walked him out into the arena slowly so he could look at things as we went. I walked him around the arena and let him look at himself in the mirrors on the long side. He was quite interested in the mirrors. Then I let him gaze over the two dutch doors at the far end of the arena to see the horses outside. After walking him around and letting him sniff everything and look at stuff I lunged him. Yes, we need a chain so he doesn’t pull on me. Going to the left was difficult for him but he figured it out fast. Such a good boy he is. Not spooky at anything not even Matilda the barn sheep. Willie just gave her a weird look. I put him in the cross ties and brushed him and put him in his stall. Tomorrow we will go in the outdoor arena and I will hand graze him.  Could you please tell me what kind of bit you used on Willie and if it is a 5″ or what size mouth piece it is.  I just love him. He is perfect! We will be a good team together. Talk to you later, With a joyful heart, Dori  Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 from Dori to Connie - Hi Connie, I think Willie is wonderful. I have been hand grazing him so he will be able to go out on pasture for limited time now. Sunday Willie was turned out in the outdoor arena for the afternoon. I have also walked him all over the pasture and culverts. Nothing phases him. He has tried pushing his boundaries and I have put him in his place immediately. It’s to be expected…nothing bad or out of the ordinary. He has adapted well. Willie eats all his grain and hay. He now eats treats too. They are an all natural carrot treat made by Buckeye. Doug will be doing Willie’s feet this week. He shoes a lot of gaited horses for a living. I will send pictures of us when we start riding also. He is smart and a rascal. Keeps life interesting (smile)! Take care Connie. I will send pictures once we start riding.Promise!With a joyful heart, Dori Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 From Dori to Connie – Hi Connie, today I rode Willie. He was wonderful!! I used a mounting block and Willie stood still. He did not move until I asked him to walk off. I used a Tom Thumb Snaffle wita 5″ shank. The mouthpiece is 5″. He was a dream. I made him walk and then do a running walk. I probably rode him for 15 minutes and then quit for the night. Everyone at the barn loves him. They think he is so quiet and of course beautiful! Thank you again Connie for making the purchase of Willie possible and telling me all about him. With a joyful heart, Dori    Note from Connie: Willie was sold through “Smith Stables – Advanced Horses” rather than “Wish Upon A Horse” due to the fact that he would not stand for mounting. Dori called me from Wisconsin and she had fallen in love with Willie! She said she definitely wanted him. She ask that I make arrangements to have him shipped to her!  ll that week, I worried….and I sent several e-mails…..expressing my concern about sending Willie to her. I told her that Willie is “A Lot of horse”…..asking….”Are you sure you will be okay with him?” I ask her this question Many times…….and I told her everything I could think of about his mischievous behavior~!….. He is a rascal! One of the smartest horses we have ever had! You really have to be alert to stay one step ahead of Willie!!! And Dori always replied……”Please stop worrying, Connie, I can handle him”………… I was SO RELIEVED to receive these two e-mails from Dori…….and So Happy!!!!!! ______________________________________

_________________________________________________________Footsteps of Gray John

a.k.a. Gray John

July, 2009 – Gray John
E-Mail:  ramona.murray@verizon.net

“Congratulations to Ramona in Massachusetts!!!” Ramona has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and needed a horse that would side step as close as possible to the mounting barrel! Gray John is So patient and So careful with her!! All of you who inquired about Gray John, you sure missed out on one beautiful, gifted, tender-hearted horse!!!   February 11, 2010 - 

http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/GrayJohn-2.jpghttp://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/GrayJohn-1.jpgHi, Connie, I just had to email you to let you know how happy I am with the new love in my life, Gray John. You know when you get older your body doesn’t work very well and mine in particular because of the Rhumatoid Arthritis that I have had since I was very young. I can’t do a rising trot any more or even a sitting trot and I remember riding Tennessee walking horses when I was young and I decided that was the direction I would go. It was such a treat to meet you and to have Gray John presented to me in a such a professional manner. I still can’t believe his incredible manners on the ground and under saddle. And how he side stepped over to my upside-down barrel that I have to use in order to get on and off. Now he automatically goes to the barrel and quietly stands while I climb down. You really told the truth when you said you like to match people with the right horse because you did it this time. I happen to have a good sense of humor and you matched me with a horse who has one too. He is always doing something funny like poking his nose in his feed bucket then staring at me and doing it over and over until I go get him a treat. Or the time he stood on the mounting block like a trick horse and that was after he knocked Deidre’s coffee off it. I’ll tell you Connie, he makes every one in the barn crack up. I am not even going to mention how beautiful he is but you can be reminded by the pictures I have attached. So I’ll just say thank you, thank you, thank you. I am going to keep in touch with you as I feel that you are a friend. Ramona Murray from Massachusetts

Sent: February 10, 2010 GJ has been a doll and I am in love with him and he is with me too, or at least he is hooked on me. He comes running when he sees me and follows me anywhere. Everybody loves him, he makes us all laugh all the time.I stayed home one day and I asked Darla to turn him out in the arena and the next day I went up and she said “your horse was a riot ” She was cleaning out water buckets and had decided to throw the water in the arena so he comes running over to see what she’s got. She throws the water and he suspended himself in mid air and then tore around the arena with his tail in the air, 90 miles an hr.. She gets another bucket and he comes running over again and he did this 3 or 4 times. She said they were all in hysterics laughing. He put on the best show. Well enough talk. I will get in touch with you soon and let you know the” goings on ” . I think of you often and love to hear what you are doing. A women called me from New Hampshire because she had seen my testimonial on your web sight. She wants to get a TWH this spring. I told her all about you. I hope she calls you.   Spring is on the way. Love to you, Ramona From: Ramona Sent: Thursday,

April 29, 2010 To: Connie Connie, I have to tell you what an honor and privilege it is to own a horse like Gray John. We have been riding him all around and he is the best ever. I think there is an angel living in side him. He has become very attached to me and is so well mannered it’s a great to just be around him. I did a lot of work with him this winter and he is so smooth he just glides. Although I did ride him outside last fall this spring I had Darla check him out all around the farm and I am riding him out as well and he is perfect. He does his job and is a lot of fun. I taught him to back and to park out. Also I taught him to rest each of his hind feet in turn on the toe so I can pick out his feet with out having to hold up the hoof. He got it right away and is doing it automatically. Last fall he had decided he didn’t have to pick up his feet for me because he sensed some lack of strength in my hands. So I gave him every opportunity to do it. and he wouldn’t so I went and got a crop and showed it to him. Still wouldn’t pick them up. Well he got 3 hard smacks in the belly and I have not had any more problems with that issue. Connie, I can still hold my own. I can’t tell you how much I love this horse. He is the best on earth and you should see him with the little kids. He really loves those kids. They come and help me brush him and 7 year old Abby who rides saddle seat rode him the other day and did great with him. Well enough for now. Connie, share this with Tommy and please email me when you can. God bless you and all. Love Ramona____ ______________________________________

March, 2009 
Jennifer - “Sugar”

This is Jennifer riding her mare, Sugar! She is very proud of her trophy from the “lead line” class! Jennifer has had Sugar since spring, 2009! They are very happy with her!!! Due to parent’s request, we are not posting e-mail address or phone number due to Jennifer being so young. If you want a reference from Jennifer’s family, please call me and I will have them get in touch with you!! Thank you for your understanding!!

_______________________________________ 2008 - 

Diane, and her 2 sons, Tanner & Tucker With “Chelsie
email – fosterhr@iowatelecom.net
Note from Connie: When Diane purchased Chelsey, her two sons, Tanner & Tucker were very beginner riders! That was 2008!! They have really had fun with Chelsey and she has taught them both to ride! You can see how much confidence Tanner has now in these beautiful photos!!
Hi Connie! Just an update on Chelsie. Tanner is doing great with her. She has really built his confidence. He has started working with the other ponies we have (weanlings, yearlings and a 3 year old). Attached are some photos of Tanner in May when he took her for his school project. Most of the kids in his class were 9-10 years old. They were really impressed with how nice she was. I will send another email with Tanner’s new trick he is teaching her. Thank you,September 10, 2009 Hi Connie! Tanner just learned this rope trick in August so he had to see if his trusty pony could do it. We have been looking for a pony for Tucker our 8 year old since Tanner doesn’t like sharing Chelsie. We bought one on Monday. He is broke but he may have a little more fire than what we are wanting for Tucker. We are letting Jack settle in before we put him through wringer :) Again thank you for selling Chelsie. She has been a wonderful pony for the boys and building their confidence.     Diane


May, 2008 – Sunrise & Midnight
Joanne & Bob Traill
E-mail - osumom58@yahoo.com
http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/Sunrise-Midnight-th.jpgHi Connie, First how are you? Happy Valentines Day. We purchased our 2 horses from Connie at Forest Ridge Farm last year, one in May and the other in July. I was looking for a really gentle well behaved horse as I had never rode a horse and was not sure how scared I would be, Sunrise came up on Horstopia, and the rest is history. We drove up from Texas, and he was everying we were told he would be. No surprises, at all. Connie is honest and true to her word. She takes you in as family when you buy a horse from her. She is there if you should need to ask a question, or just tell her how you are doing with one of her horses. My husband decided he wanted a horse, so we checked Connies, website immediatly. Midnight looked like the right match for him, and sure enough he was. We couldn’t be happier with our horses or Connie. She truly cares about your safety and happiness with your purchase.


2008 – 2011 – (6 Horses: Dusty, Cool Breeze, Rebel, Elvis, Oreo, and Big John)
Dennis  & Linda Lareau
E-Mail:   linandden@bellsouth.net
Dennis & Linda purchased Cool Breeze and Dusty October, 2007. We kept them until the week before Thanksgiving. Then we met them half way. They purchased Breeze, Dusty and a horse trailer. – AND – April 2008, – we had Elvis transported to them!! They love them all!!! They have since taken 3 more of our horses!  They have SIX of our beautiful horses!!   4 were transported site unseen!
Horses: Elvis(#1), Dusty, Cool Breeze, & Rebel
Note from Connie: Dennis & Linda from Florida, over a period of time, purchased SIX  of our beautiful horses! Elvis (#1) – Dusty – Cool Breeze – & Rebel!—bIG John & Oreo…….It has been a wonderful experience knowing and sharing with them over the years. Their Son-in-law is in the Armed Forces. He had been in Iraq…..and returned with a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He is now in Afghanistan. Their daughter is staying with them until his return. They are always in my heart and prayers……..They also own two McDonald’s Restaurants so needless to say, the horses have been wonderful for the stress that comes with all of the above! Their daughter is also learning to ride and enjoying the horses! They are wonderful therapy for all of us, for sure! I have so many that I have not taken the time to ask for a testimonial. They are one of those! So, finally,…….we have done it…..please read below and feel free to contact them! “Thank you”……….
Sent: MondDennis & Linda with Beautiful Elvisay, November 02, 2009 – Dear Connie:I have been thinking long and hard on how can I explain in 100 words or less about the wonderful experience Linda and I have had working with you. About two years ago we commenced our search for our first horse when I came across your website. There was something about your message and our conversations that I found to be honest. Proudly, we have acquired four horses from you and have developed a long distance and long term friendship with you.. We have found you to be extremely honest and you work hard to make sure you matched our horses with us. Today I still constantly monitor your website looking for our next addition. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a quality horse from a quality person.  Dennis

Dennis & Sweet RebelDaughter, Brittany & RebelRebel The ClownSweet DustyLovable Coolbreeze     ______________________________________

George & Diane - Shawnee’s Princess
E-mail - tnsunflowermom@gmail.com
http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/minis-th.jpgNOTE FROM CONNIE:  When I sent Princess to her new home in Tennessee, she was in foal and huge! Cutest thing ever!!! She looked like a little barrel with 4 short legs! Diane and Bob wanted a pony that was calm, quiet, and sweet, – because they were purchasing it for their first grandchild, who was born in July! Congratulations and Best Wishes to their entire family for their new bundle of joy! And for little “Charm” too! We are so happy for them!!!!

Hi Connie, How are you? Here’s a pic of my happy little herd. :) Princess is such a good little girl. Charm her little boy is sold and is going to make someone very happy on Christmas Day! My little gelding Pistol is just that! Spunky but sweet! He and Princess are big buddies. :) My daughter had a big beautiful baby boy on July 20! 9.5 lbs. Everyone is doing fine. Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!    Diane P.S. Drop me a line if you get a chance-would love to hear from you. _______________________________________

2008 – Party Girl
Email:   sbarshouston@aol.com
Sandy purchased ‘Party Girl’ for a pleasure and show horse! We get photos sometimes 2x month of her showing Party Girl in the Pleasure Classes. And winning a lot!!! Sandy purchased Party Girl without coming in person! She has done exceptionally well and they are SO happy with her in every way!!

NOTE: Sandy has Party Girl boarded at Debbie’s stables. Sandy owns Party Girl….but Debbie and her daughter have been showing her

http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/PartyGirl-4-th.jpg http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/PartyGirl-5-th.jpg Party Girl won the Racking Horse Country Pleasure Class!!! Marshall, Texas http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/PartyGirl-3-th.jpg
left “Party Girl” – 1st Place out of 13!!! – Pleasure Racking Class- Racking Horse World Celebration – 2008 – Alabama! Owner: Sandy Scherer of Houston, Texas
“With Congratulations!! From all of us at Forest Ridge Farm  who proudly owned Party Girl for a sweet five years! – and heartfelt thanks to Sandy for giving her such a beautiful, loving home!!


2008 – HWRHA Fall Futurity Classic Horse Show – 10/6/08 – in Dallas, Texas!!! Connie, she did really great!! She won the Pleasure Racking Class and the Pleasure Racking Class Championship. She also won the Country Pleasure Class and the Country Pleasure Class Championship. She’s unbelievable!!!!! She get’s so excited when it is time for her to make her victory pass!!!!! Thanks, Sandy


_______________, 20__  
Charlotte - Sundance (Cancer) & Raindancer
In Reference: This is the exchange of horses that I referred to on our “Policy Page – Under: “When A Horse Becomes Ill” – I exchanged a horse for Sundance, the horse that had cancer. This was Charlotte’s kind reply.

Hi Connie,I truly appreciate all of the efforts you have made to get this resolved. I honestly don’t know if I will be happy with Raindancer or not, but I am willing to give it a try. Please go ahead and make the shipping arrangements and I will prepare a stall for her. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, I’m sure I can find a good home for her here. There are a lot of women in my riding club who prefer mares. Or perhaps, I will raise another baby. I really enjoy the time I spend with my quarter horse colt. He is an in-your-pocket type, as long as you don’t let your guard down, he really likes to play rough when the mood hits him. Do you know if Raindancer has ever raised a baby? 5 years of age is rather young, but you never know. Again, thank you for all of the time and trouble you have gone through to resolve this to my satisfaction. There are people out there that would have told me what the original owners of Sundance told you “we’re so sorry”….but obviously not sorry enough to do the right thing. I am very sorry that you were hurt this way and you will never know how much I truly appreciate the fact that you did not try to pass this “hurt” on to me. If you don’t mind, and if I can figure out how, I want to leave you a good review on the internet and make sure everyone knows how honest and forthright you have been concerning this matter. Kind Regards, Charlottep.s…..promise me we will keep in touch and you will let me know how you are doing and how Sundance is doing at the Riding Academy

January, 2008 - “Babe” 
Email: cyndvon@cox.net

   (Babe – 2 yr. old) Cindy came in person to ride Babe and later, we had Babe transported to her. Cindy loves her! Cindy also travels a lot with her job so if you e-mail her, she will answer upon her return!! Cindy was, at that time, a beginner rider. Babe was everything she could have wanted!!!

http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/Babe-2-th.jpghttp://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/Babe-1-th.jpgDear Connie, It was so wonderful to receive your email. I tried to email you numerous times and I can see now that I had the wrong email address. Let me tell you about Babe. She is the love of my life. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful she is. I kept her at my home with Peter’s mustang, Hollywood. They were partners from the moment she arrived. I loved watching them run and play. They were always grooming each other and were never very far apart. Several months ago it was determined that my hip is bone on bone and I will have to have a total hip replacement. Since my home was 2 stories and way to big, I sold it and I moved to a smaller, one story home. I have to board Babe until I am able to do all the chores like feeding and mucking. She is less than a mile from my home. I cried the first week every day when I went to see her. Babe and Hollywood had always been at the gate waiting for me to get home from work. She was always ready to play whenever I came out the door. I even had a hard time keeping her out of the house. Well, at least I don’t cry every day. I see her everyday, even if it’s 8 or 9 o’clock when I get out of the office.   —–Connie, I never had any idea how much love she would show me. I just went to the National Rodeo finals in Vegas last week, and of course I had to buy Babe something special. I found a wonderful little gal, Christy Krone, from Shelbyville, Tennessee, and bought a beautiful saddle blanket trimmed all in beaver for Babe. Does this give you any idea how spoiled she is?

As soon as I can ride again, Babe and I will begin lessons with a trainer that does gaited horses. Babe is wonderful, it’s the inexperienced rider that needs the work. I have had her on trail rides and of course people are surprised at how fast and smooth she is. I did find out that she loves the water. We were standing in a river that was covering the bottom of her belly. She decided that she wanted to lay down in the river. We both got cooled off. Everyone had a great laugh. Babe has gotten taller. I am not sure how many hands she is, but she has beautiful long legs. Everyone is so impressed with her disposition. Nothing bothers Babe. The only time she is spunky is when she is in heat. Then she tries to mate with anything and everything. Poor Hollywood is a gelding and she would come in heat and she would chase him from one end of the property to the other. He used to just look at me with those big eyes saying “HELP!”    So in closing, Connie, you provided me with one of biggest joys in my life. I love Babe so much and she gives me so much love in return.   I hope that everything is well with you and your family. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year.  Cindy


2006 – 2007


Vernon Bailey (937)- 206-4582 Ohio
Came in person and traded for Callie for a scheduled – huge – elk hunt! He was so excited!! He and Callie are getting along Great!!!

  December, 2007

Jessica Robinson Email: john@ssmont.ca Canada
Jessica purchased Dapples for a Christmas Surprise December, 2007!  We had Dapples transported to her —- for her 6 year old daughter for Christmas! Jessica has other small children and Dapples has been A joy to them all!!

 November, 2007

Jim and Susan Gill Email: gillgables@hotmail.com Oklahoma 
Purchased Ransom. 11/07. (RANSOM WAS ONLY THREE YEARS OLD WHEN THEY TOOK HIM HOME FOR THEIR DAUGHTER, WHO WAS AT THAT TIME, A BEGINNER, AND SOMEWHAT TIMID RIDER. HE HAS BEEN EVERYTHING THEY HOPED FOR IN A HORSE FOR HER!!! They made the long trip to come in person and spent three days in Kentucky. We then had Ransom transported to them.

October, 2007

Joyce Perry E-Mail: oletymepreacher@qwest.com   –Colorado
Purchased Isaac October, 2007. We  just received this week a hand written letter and “lots” of photos of family, home, – and gratitude for Isaac, with Christmas (2007) wishes. We get a photo letter like this Every Christmas!!!


October, 2007 – Pride’s Nugget
Kathy & Donna
Email: keepon@mtintouch.net 
Note from Connie:   Nugget was only six months old when we shipped him to Montana, to Kathy and her family.  We have beautiful photos of Kathy, Donna and Nugget – and Montana!!!!! As he grows, they send us new photos! It is such a joy watching Nugget growing up! He has a beautiful home!

Hi Connie, Received your email and am so slow getting back. We are finishing calving, trying to seed, and the weather has been minus 25 degrees wind chill and snow. Not making for a pleasant Spring up this way. I won’t send a picture at this time because Pride’s Nugget hasn’t shed out yet and looks pretty fuzzy. Testamonial:       I have wanted a Rocky Mountain horse for the last 25 years, but they were out of my price range. Then one day my friend emailed me a picture of a colt that Connie was offering for sale. Even though the colt had been abandoned at 2 months, the picture showed that he had been getting the best care possible from Connie.After a few e-mails and calls back and forth (I am in Montana, far from Connie), the deal was done. Then came the problem of getting the little guy from Kentucky to Montana. Connie was so helpful and so aware of cost constraints. She found a ride for him with some other horses coming this way at a very, very reasonable price.I found Connie to be a very honest and sincere person who always kept the horse’s health and welfare as a top priority. Pride’s Nugget arrived exactly as described with a folder filled with all appropriate paperwork and vaccination records and a timeline for what he needed boosters on. Also on the truck was a sack of feed that Connie had been feeding to help make the transisition to a new kind of feed easier on the colt.  Connie’s description of Pride’s Nugget, both physical and temperament were absolutely true. I don’t believe she knows how to lie.    I thank her for my dream.    Katherine Hodge Update E-Mail from Katherine on Pride’s Nugget

Nugget was less than six months old when shipped to Katherine
http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/PridesNugget-1-th.jpg http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/PridesNugget-2-th.jpg http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/PridesNugget-3-th.jpg
Hi Connie,

Suppose you are thinking that it is way past time for an update. The summer up this way has been pretty busy and I keep thinking about it and then going outside and doing other things like calving. branding, moving cows to summer pasture, fencing, haying, fencing, fighting with bulls, fencing…  (:     We had wonderful rain in June, along with a very damaging hailstorm. Just creamed our grain crops and set the hay way back. Hail laid on it all night and it froze. When it started growing again the hot and absolutely no rain came and things are looking pretty tough right now. But…next year… Pride’s Nugget is growing wonderfully. Didn’t stay quite as chocolate as I had hoped but he is truly beautiful…and a handful. Thinks his way is the ONLY way. Haven’t gelded him yet but think I will as soon as fly season is over.  The only bad thing, and it’s a doozy. He paws. He paws everything and also paws through the barbwire fence. He is in large pastures (range) and all the fences are barbwire. I have no idea what is prompting him to do it, but it has created problems.  He had only been here for a few weeks when he cut his leg the first time. (Front leg between knee and fetlock). Vet came and did initial treatment and I did it every other day for the next month. Two months ago he did it again this time between the fetlock and hoof on the same front leg. Vet put him in a cast for 10 days and when he took it off it had healed completely. He had only been out of the cast for a month when he did it again. Same leg and same place. So now he is in a cast again. The cuts are deep enough that the vet likes to keep them from moving so they will heal faster. I have walked that pasture so many times. It only has a waterer that is all plastic, a calf shed, and a tub with salt and mineral. There is nothing on the other side of the fence that he would try to get to. He is with trwo old mares for companionship. And he always paws with the same front foot. Looking for something to put on his leg full time so that when he paws he has some protection, but at the same time something that won’t snag and wind up causing a more serious injury.  Am sending some pictures for your business and personal scrapbook. These are the day after his latest injury. As you can see, it isn’t bothering him much, which might be the trouble. Seems to have a high tolerance for pain.   Donna is the one holding the lead rope. She had come up just to see him. We looked at him Sunday night and he was all in one piece. Went back out Monday morning to work with him and found the injury.  It’s a good thing I love him to death!   Connie, how are you doing? Hope everything is good with you! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From:Katherine Hodge —-Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012 12:58 PM—-To:CSWESLEY@TWC.COM——-Subject: Updates Now…just a funny story about his devotion to those pail calves. Yesterday, Wednesday, was shipping day here at the ranch. Our calves were shipped to the feedlot. We got in the bunch of cows that included the pail calves to sort off the calves that were to go. Nugget was with that bunch and came into the corrals with them when we brought them in. Every time we would sort out one of the pail calves and try to put it into the pen, Nugget would race around us and cut it back out. So…………Nugget is in the pasture today…………..with his two pail calves. __________________________________________

October, 2007 – “Kind Heart” a/k/a Sugar Babe
Betty & Carroll
Email: bettyrolen@charter.net
Connie —-Sure good to hear from you as I kept wondering if you were real sick and we have been camping at the lake and going back and forth and I can’t get much done except taking care of sugar babe (KindHeart) and he is wonderful. We did not ride him till past thursday and me and three of the grandchildren rode him and he was absolutely great. He is everything I wanted. He comes to me as soon as he sees me. I do wonder if he use to roll in the muddy spot and gets dirty all over. I brush and brush and he rolls and rolls. Is that normal?? The offer stands on the cabin any time you can get away just let me know and we will check the availability. Of coarse, this time of the year after October is a little slower. It is in a beautiful location and I know you would enjoy. Big King size log bed with a jacuzzi right next to it . Can’t beat that!! Oh, I hav e taken a couple of pictures and will get them to you soon. Hope you are feeling better. take care. Betty


October, 2007 – “Maggie Mae”
Lisa & Scott
Email: gavi@gulftel.com
Lisa and Scott purchased Maggie Mae 10/07. Lisa wanted a really smooth ride and she found that in Maggie Mae! They love her!!


Hello Connie, Evan and I went to Coldwater today and rode thru woods, creeks, trails etc. I LOVE Maggie, what a wonderful horse. I can not tell you how much I enjoy riding her. She gets better every day. Thank you so much. God bless you!   Lisa_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5-17-2010Email: scottfarm91@yahoo.com > Phone Number: 251-979-2547 > Subject: Gaited Horse > > Regarding: Mandy, listing #452369 > Webpage: http://www.horsetopia.com/for-sale/classifieds/ad452369 > > Inquiry Text > ============= > Hello Connie, > I bought a little gaited mare from you almost 4 yrs ago.  My name is Lisa > Scott. I bought a small, kind of plain looking,grade mare with no papers > my husband thought I was crazy for picking her out of all the beautiful > horses you had. And with a price of 4500 dollars he really thought I had > lost my mind.  Well I just wanted to tell you she has carried me safely > over hundreds of miles of trails all over the country.  I rode at at East > Fork and placed 2nd in the open competetive trail competition (60 miles). > Thanks for being honest about what I needed and helping me see past color > and flash.  As they say  “pretty is as pretty does.”  Lisa


October, 2007 - 
Joanne – & “Fiddler” (only two yrs. old)
Email:  joansaddress@yahoo.com

TESTIMONIAL: Connie,  I just rode Fiddler for the first time since he got here. He couldn’t have been more of a gentleman. The trainer at the stable and one of her helpers rode him and were quite impressed with him. They have quarter horses and the only other gaited horses they have ridden are two that someone is stabling there. They couldn’t get over how much softer he is and how much easier his gate is. I think that he is going to be great.   Joan

September, 2007
Tanya & Ben

—– Original Message —–

From Tanya —–Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 7:42 PM Subject: Ben

Hello Connie,

I just wanted to say hello and let you know how Ben is doing. He is such a nice horse and my most reliable one out of 8 horses that I own. I really trust him a lot. He has never done anything wrong. (Except be a little buddy/barn sour)hee hee He is still very fat. I actually cut his food back some and he is still fat!!=)I did have his thyroid checked and it was normal. He also has a soul mate. I rescued a Black TWH Mare that is literally BLACK BEAUTY she is so precious and Her and him are stuck like glue. I have never seen anything like it. When he gets shod she has to stand there. It is so cute.If you ever need a reference, I will be happy to give you one. He was what you described and more!!! Thank you for my BEN.. Hope all is well with you!! I see that you have alot of horses for sale, I hope your doing well!! Thank you, Tanya

September, 2007 
 From Connie – Reply to Tanya -

From: “Connie Wesley” Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2007 4:07 PM To: TanyaV28@aol.com Hi Tanya!!!! It was so good to hear from you!!!!! It is so weird….it was just yesterday that I was telling a family about Ben….and Ashton and how much we loved him —and how hard it was after he left!!! I have a horse they came down to see – Isaac – and he is turned just exactly like Ben!!!!! I love these quiet slow moving horses, Tanya…I just don’t think you can beat them for children….. that is the way Isaac is…… And I was telling them all about Ben!! How are you?? And the children?? Are they riding????? Ben will be the one to teach them if it is what they enjoy….that’s for sure!! That is so cute about Ben’s new friend…..don’t you just love to watch horses interact together??? I wonder so much…..why one will love one horse….and have nothing to do with another……they are just amazing to watch!! So much like people…….only I know the reasons people don’t like some people….I just wonder what reasons horses choose their best friends and turn away others…..(smile)……”I love watching them”……..it is one of my favorite things to do…… Anyway…..”it was so good to hear from you”….and I am so happy that you love Ben so much……..I think he will always be fat, Tanya…he is big boned too…….. And yes, I have been so blessed, Tanya…..I have met some beautiful people in doing this. It has changed my life…….to be excited about things…..and making friends. I had a couple last weekend to come up from Sarasota, Fla. they are my age and we spent the whole day together. Debra and I just connected right from the start with our telephone conversations. > We rode all morning…went out to eat…and then I took them to the Ky. Celebration Horse Show that Sat. night…..”we had THE best day”……and I was so sad when they had to leave…….. they bought Jetta…..he is the black and white. he will be transported this coming week and they are so excited….. Anyway, yes, I am having a really good time doing this, Tanya………and I would not have gotten to meet you and your family had i not been doing this!!!!! It has just opened a whole new world for me…… Well, you know I can write a lot!! I guess I will close….I am hungry…(like Ben…(smile)…all the time!! Talk to you later….keep in touch…okay?….and thank you SO MUCH for your e-mail….that is another joy that is given to me in doing this……I may use you as a reference sometime…..”thank you” for offering….You all take care of yourselves….give Ben a hug……Blessings to all of you, Connie


September, 2007  
The Parmenter Family & “Dandy”
Kentucky E-Mail:  kimkymmp@aol.com

They came in person to ride Dandy. DANDY WAS TURNING THREE YEARS OLD – AND WAS PURCHASED FOR THEIR TWO YOUNG CHILDREN JUST TAKING LESSONS TO RIDE. THEY LOVE DANDY!!! _______________________________________ August, 2007

Joy (Vet) North Carolina
Joy purchased Sam. She came in person August, 2007. She picked Sam up without even riding him. She said she just didn’t need to ride him. She drove up – loaded him – took him home, and loved him from the beginning! He is a sweetie!!


August, 2007  
Mary Smothers, her two daughters &“Patches”
E-Mail:   Garrin555@aol.com

Mary is a single mom of two little girls and wanted Patches. We have on occasion, – sold horses to families that needed help in being able to purchase them. They were sold on Accounts Receivable. A few times, we shipped the horses to them – and they have paid in payments. Some with NO DOWN PAYMENTS! We have done this especially for single Moms, Been there done that!! – And for parents with very ill children who have the burden of medical bills. They have all paid as promised and it is just a wonderful thing to be able to help those who want something so badly, and cannot afford to pay for it all at once. We have done this on a few occasions. We do not offer this as a means to pay most of the time. PATCHES JUST TURNED TWO – MARY PURCHASED PATCHES FOR HERSELF AND TWO VERY YOUNG DAUGHTERS. http://forestridgefarm.com/testimonials/Patches-2-th.jpgAwesome! Thanks, Connie! Here is a pic of me and Patches. (click photos to enlarge). Summer of 2007, I purchased my beautiful mare, Patches, from Connie. I live in Maryland and was unable to go in person to see Patches before riding. I purchased Patches with just viewing videos and information given to me by Connie – through e-mails and phone conversations. Patches was just turning two when we had her shipped to me. When she arrived, she was everything that Connie had described. Connie had told me that with her being a two year old…..along with being a mare – that it didn’t matter. That she was the most loving, sweet, quiet, broke horse – with a “follow you around like a puppy dog” personality. How true that is!!!!! She is “so very precious”. But it is just a gift that she is so safe. I have two young daughters……and they have loved Patches from day one. Patches is “everything” Connie described and more! We love her dearly! I would never trust to buy over the internet from anyone but Connie!! And to you Connie, with all of our hearts, we are so grateful for bringing Patches into our life!!! Mary and Girls,  Maryland UPDATED E-MAIL FROM MARY – 5/10/12 From: Mary Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 To: Connie Subject: Re: It’s Mary I swear Connie, you gave me the most lovable horse God ever created. Last weekend, before we worked, Patches stood with her head on my shoulder (she put all her weight into it) and we stood there, eye to eye, for over 10 minutes as I petted her. If only someone had taken a picture…it was just adorable. And now we do that before we work. She’ll put her head on my shoulder and let me love her. It’s the sweetest thing. Her riding is improving and she does what I ask her, she even gets bored and yawns. Anyway, I love you. Feel better and write soon. ~Mary _________________________________________________________


From: Mary – Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 To: Connie Subject: Re: It’s Mary I will send you a photo this week. I just took some good pictures of the girls and Patches last weekend at the barn party. The girls are doing so well and I get them this weekend. Patches is continuing to gait more and loves attention. I wish someone could take a picture when she puts her head on my shoulder and we stand there for about 10 minutes. I call it our “Luvvy time” Because she always does that the most before we work. Then I have to force her away from me to lunge. In the stall, she’s tried to sit on me to be close, or she’ll follow me and we go in circles. She’s a funny horse and so loving. Even Greg the owner tells me I lucked out with her and got a great horse. Anyway, I’ll send you a picture soon. I love you!! ~Mary


June, 2007 – “Cheyenne”
Carol Bushnell
Carol purchased Cheyenne over the phone, as many of my families have done. We had him transported in June. We have a collection of the most beautiful photos of Cheyenne at his new home!
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007 9:09 AM
Subject: Heh Girl….happy Labor Day!
Hey, Connie! It has been so crazy busy here since the start of school – moving #1 son back to college, and keeping up with the others soccer schedule..so many of their games have been ‘away’, an hour drive or more too! I’m getting too old for that. :D Cheyenne is doing very well!..he is so good-natured and very much a sweetie. He and his friend, Abby, enjoy being pastured together and being out around the cows, ha! He is as spook-proof as you have said, that was so important to me. The weather isn’t cooling off fast enough for me yet either, still so hot and humid here too.. Thanks so much for thinking of me, I hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend!   Blessings back to you :)    —–   Carole 
April, 2007 – 2009 – “Buckwheat & Gypsy” (now called Princess)
Kristina & Family
New Jersey
E-mail:  KDefilippo@aol.com

Kristina purchased Buckwheat – April, 2007. We had him transported in May 2007. Buckwheat was for her 12 year old son, Matthew, who needed a very special horse. Kristina writes to me all the time! We have a very special friendship and I am so grateful. Note From Connie:     They later purchased our sweet gray mare, Gypsy (now called Princess). Both were shipped site unseen………..

From: KDefilippo@aol.com To: cswesley@newwavecomm.net Subject: Fwd: Connie Wesley, Science Kentucky

Dearest Connie: I love her. What a beautiful girl. You can see in her heart. The whole concept is just fantastic. I love you, you send us a great horse. What a sweetie….. Below – Just wanted to show you what I wrote to the gentlemen. You are special. I love you. Hope to speak with you soon, fondly, Kristina   TESTIMONIAL LETTER FROM KRISTINA TO MR. TAYLOR WHEN HE CONTACTED HER FOR A REFERENCE: From: KDefilippo To: samgtson@bellsouth.net Subj: Re: Connie Wesley, Science Kentucky

Dear Mr. Taylor:
I like to thank you for contacting me and my family. We are eager to take this opportunity to tell you about Connie Wesley and her horses.

We live in NJ and were looking for just the right horse. For a long time. Had have some bad experiences with some of the people that had sold us horses in the past. Connie Wesley is so very different. I don’t even know how to begin. She not only is a woman of substance, integrity and honesty but also a great judge of horses and their temperaments and who should ride what horse. Connie “held my hand” from beginning to end and then it did not stop. Even after the horse arrived and was here a year – Connie still made sure that all was well and our family was happy. You don’t get many people like that. I am not related and I never met Connie anywhere before I bought that wonderful horse Buckwheat. I was looking for a safe horse, not a deadhead, great gaits and very well trained for my son, who is not well. You know how cautious you are especially when it comes to your children. Believe me, everything she told me and backed up with videos and pictures was and is true. The horse is great and a big member of our family. He is what she said and more. What a guy. He knows when Matthew has a bad day and is feeling ill and he knows when I like to just ride and relax. No spook, stands to mount, runs to the fence and “talks” to me all along the fence line. I highly recommend Connie and I know that you will be happy and safe. There is absolutely no misrepresentation here. Good and honest business with a heart. All the horses in the future will come from Connie. She cares. My husband feels the same way and he is a very inquisitive man (former Captain with the New York City Police Department) and can’t say enough about Connie Wesley. Call me if you like -732-683-0049 God Bless, you will have a great horse/s. Very sincerely, Kristina DeFilippo and Family _______________________________________ March, 2007

Amy Coulter Email: amycoulterdvm@hotmail.com Colorado Transported all
Amy purchased Flash’s Last Stand and My Lady Love in March, 2007 – then – in October, 2007, she purchased Hershey’s Kiss for her two small children…Evan – 4 and Collin – 2 – plus she has two step daughters, twins (10) – that are learning to ride. Amy is a vet, also. Amy, her husband, Kirk – along with their children were all beginner riders. We have received many e-mails and photos of the entire family riding all of these horses! They absolutely adore them and all of them have learned to ride really well!  FLASH WAS ONLY 3 YEARS OLD WHEN TRANSPORTED TO THEIR FAMILY. MY LADY LOVE WAS JUST TURNING FOUR.

March, 2007

Joe Suttner Email: pharmajoe@yahoo.com (He travels with his job but will email when he gets your message California Transported all
Joe purchased Shiloh in March, 2007, and then – Rebel – May, 2007 – and he called us two weeks ago interested in purchasing another horse, which we are presently working on- as of this week – 12/18/07. Due to Traveling – again, it may be a week or two before you hear from Joe, but he will answer all e-mails upon his return.


March, 2007 - 
Jennifer (Redding) Currens & her 2 daughters, Lauren, age 3, and her 2 year old.
“Midnight Star” – Now John Bell
E-mail:   jennifer.redding-currens@ag.ky.gov

Note: Jennifer works in the Attorney General’s office for Consumer Protection – She purchased Midnight 3//07. Midnight Star was 3-1/2 years old then – would have been 4 in October. Jennifer has a two year old little girl, and from the beginning, she and Midnight were best friends! They absolutely love him! 

Sent: April 14, 2008 Hi Connie! :) Good luck in your new endeavor… :) I looked at the new website…it’s very nice! :) I’m sending you a picture of my 3 year-old (at the time), Lauren on the 3 year-old TWH gelding (Midnight Star, now John Bell) I bought from you in February 2007. John Bell is a very good-natured and well-trained horse…I’ve received many compliments about his good behavior on the trails, etc. As you could see from the video I recently sent you of Lauren riding him by herself, you can easily see how well-mannered and respectful of her he is…Can you put that on your website? I wouldn’t mind a bit…It’s a true testament to you and your program… :) Being new to horses, I’m so thankful that God led me to you for my first purchase…I feel like I have a friend whom I can truly trust in the “horse business.” When my 2 year-old gets old enough to get started, I’ll be back to see you… :) I’ve got a couple more pictures to send your way…They’ll be along shortly… Jenny :)

______________________________________ ___________, 

Dave Beaudet- Shiloh’s Sun
E-Mail:  rebelbeau@aol.com

NOTE: Dave is a construction contractor. He purchased the horse that we had advertised on Horsetopia — as “Hey all you Cowboys” … because Shiloh’s Sun was a difficult horse. Dave purchased Shiloh’s Sun 2/28/07, and loves him. We just received one of several photos in November, 2007 – of a new park he was riding in. Dave and Shiloh hit it off from day one! They are the best of friends and are always traveling to different places to enjoy the beautiful trails of California!

Dennis and Angela byrdbronzeworks.com Oklahoma Transported
Purchased TWO Christmas ponies for daughters, (Cody & Blue). They really loved both of them and it was quite a Christmas for their entire family!!

“Thank you” for taking the time to read our Testimonials.   Again, if you need more references, please just ask!! We will be honest in telling you that – in the six years (as of fall 2012) of doing this,  we have only had seven people that were unhappy with their experience in purchasing a horse from us. We did everything possible to make it right within the agreement that they made with us – that we would exchange out for another horse of their choice with similar qualities and price range. Four of those people – after making a commitment and agreement with us that if they did not like the horse, we would exchange it out – when the time come to honor their word and agreement, everything changed. They insisted that we give them a refund. We treat everyone the same. We give no refunds and that is made clear to all who purchase a horse from us. I think seven unhappy people out of all the horses we have sold – is Awesome!! “PLEASE READ OUR “Sales Agreement” – BEFORE PURCHASING ONE OF OUR HORSES”.

“With Heartfelt Thanks”
E-Mail:  Connie@forestridgefarm.com 
(606) 423-5054 

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