Sales Agreement




If you have made the decision to purchase a horse from us, after reading our “About Us” page, and after contacting some of our Testimonials, we ask that you please read our Policy Page and our Sales Agreement below. If you are in agreement with the terms set out, and you then choose to purchase a horse from us- “With your purchase”you are stipulating that you have read the contents of all and fully “Understand and Agree” to the terms set out in our “Policy Page” and “Sales Agreement”.

With heartfelt appreciation for your trust.


“We Thank You”……..

Effective July 22, 2009


We at Forest Ridge Farm  herein known as SELLER, in regard to each and every horse and/or pony that is sold being represented by us, do hereby give in writing the following Conditions and Agreements of Sale:

1. We promise to give, to the best of our ability and with as much honesty as possible, a thorough description of each horse being presented to our Buyers -(whether on our website or any other Horse For Sale sites that we may participate in advertising our horses for sale) – listing BOTH good qualities, but ESPECIALLY any bad habits, bad behaviors, or negative traits each horse may have.  We guarantee our horses to be free of drugs.

2. That on our website, we have  “OUR OWN TEMPERAMENT LEVELS”

Type of Rider

Child – Lesson – Special Needs
Beginner – Timid – Special Needs
Intermediate Rider
Experienced Rider
Very Confident Rider
Very Confident Rider
Advanced Rider for Head Strong Horses

Temperament Guide

0 – Very Quiet, Still-Like Movements, Deadhead
1 – Calm, Easy going, Laid Back, Relaxed Head
2 – Calm, Easy Going, More Stylish Head & Gait
3 – Fancy Step-Proud –
w/ little more energy level
4 – Higher Energy Level – Prancy – Less Patience
5 – Will Try You

We have done this with hopes this will give you a more thorough truth about each horse in the way we present our Horses For Sale. Each horse and pony will be “thoroughly described” so that you, as an individual or family, can hopefully make the right decision in choosing the right horse for you. “Only you know how well you ride – how confident you are – whether you would describe yourself to be a timid rider, a beginner rider, – “taking lessons” rider, or – a rider with strong confidence and years of experience, whether you have health issues, what your needs are as far as your family as a whole, such as, -ages of children that will be in contact and/or riding this horse, their “level of experience” with horses, perhaps very timid, and or -taking lessons, etc. THE ONLY WAY THAT WE CAN HELP YOU CHOOSE AND “MATCH” YOU WITH “JUST THE RIGHT HORSE” FOR YOU AND/OR YOUR FAMILY, IS IF YOU GIVE US AN HONEST, MOST THOROUGH DESCRIPTION OF YOUR RIDING EXPERIENCES, (IF ANY), – A THOROUGH DESCRIPTION OF YOUR PERSONALITY AND “WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN A HORSE” AS FAR AS TEMPERAMENT AND PERSONALITY – AND GIVE US ALL THE INFORMATION YOU CAN ABOUT YOUR FEARS, STRENGTHS, – and ABILITY TO HANDLE SURPRISE SITUATIONS”, (because if you own a horse!! you are going to have these sometime in your lifetime – there is no such thing as a “bombproof” horse! Bombproof is perfection. If you want Bombproof and Perfection – you will find this in stuffed horses only! We mean no disrespect – it is just asking too much when you expect a Seller to Guarantee their horse to be perfect and bombproof. We will under NO CONDITIONS make FALSE PROMISES OR GUARANTEES just to get a horse sold!

Our horses on our website are broken down into the  following categories: 

    • We have listed under “Wish Upon A Horse” – horses and ponies – with thorough description of EACH INDIVIDUALLY – with some being described to be safe for beginner riders, children, special needs children and adults, mature riders, and riders with health issues. These are horses and ponies that have come to us with, hopefully, trusting recommendations, – but also, they have been with us, in our care, for at least TWO MONTHS, (or you will be advised if less)- and with extensive test riding and consistent observation by all of us – have shown themselves to be safe, calm, quiet in their behavior in many situations.   We also offer exceptional trail horses that are very broke, well-behaved, but will have a little more “get-up- and go spirit” – for the Experienced Riders.   Horses that have  quick like movements, difficult to mount, or perhaps behavioral problems,  that would intimidate the type of  riders we normally sell to, they will be  described for the “Advanced Rider”. 
  • Every horse will be described thoroughly and as accurately as possible.    The horses for Experienced and Advanced riders will fully describe  the REASONS this horse or pony has been listed under the Advanced Rider category.  The reasons could be many. Perhaps they do not stand still to mount – (taking more than a couple of steps – and NOT gently walking off. Maybe a Swing-on cowboy style mounting with foot in the stirrup- “better be ready to ride” type horse). Perhaps when riding with a group….you have to constantly “hold them back”. Maybe, even though they are very broke, very sweet with us humans, they may be very mean and aggressive with the pasture horses – (making them a poor selection for a “family”). A mare with “marish behaviors” will be listed under this category. Whatever the reasons –  You will be made aware of “EVERY NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR” that we have knowledge of – for your consideration BEFORE buying this horse!!!


Due to horses being so much like us humans, they can, at any given moment experience illnesses such as a heart attack, colic, aneurism, respiratory infection, lameness, injuries, come in contact with worms, (“we worm EVERY 3 MONTHS!!) – EPM (possum disease- a disease that affects the central nervous system), show signs of foundering (with signs of such in feet) – various eye diseases, and many, many other health issues that one can possibly experience in owning a horse! Health issues is a reality of life in owning a horse, as with any animal. Therefore, upon purchase of the horse,  – and with our vet inspection prior to transporting, —-any illness or health problems after that are the Buyer’s responsibility.

A.    Prior to transport date, the horse of your choice will be taken to our vet – vet checked and an updated Health Certificate will be issued. You may also request - before transporting - to have our vet – “OR” a vet of your choice – to perform a more detailed health exam at the level and price you choose – “at your expense”. Upon completion of the above -included with the packet to accompany this horse – will be the following: Registration Papers (if registered) – we will provide a current coggins and health certificate, along with all vaccination, worming, and shoeing records. The horse will then be transported either by arrangements made personally by the Buyer, – or – by reputable transporters being considered and chosen by both the Buyer and Seller. We will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, or illnesses occurring before or during transport. For general information – there are different levels of health exams that can be done by your veterinarian and can vary in price from $40.00 up to $3500.00 or more.

B.    We will make known to you that if a horse has had any kind of medical problem while in our care, this information will be made known to all who show interest in that particular horse. This could include, but not limited to, – being treated for a cold, respiratory infection, etc.

C.    We stipulate that some of our horses will come with vaccinations.  Due to people having different opinions with the vaccinations “they choose to give”…..they may not have been given vaccines that you would choose.   Many only give Rabies, Tetanus and West Nile.  Also, if a vet certificate was not provided to us with the horse, – all we have to go on is what they tell us. Regardless, “the informaton we have will be included in your packet”.  All dates of shoeing, worming, etc. will be included in the packet that will accompany the horse.

D.    We stipulate that we worm “each and every horse” EVERY three months – exchanging brands to prevent them from becoming immune to one brand.

E.    We will – on each horse- have floated their teeth.

F.    Buyer understands and agrees that Seller has no further responsibility for any health conditions that may arise after payment for the horse has been made.  That said horse will be vet checked by Seller’s vet for updated Health Certificate for transport, – and also – if Buyer chooses,  they may have a veterinarian of THEIR choice do a Pre-Purchase exam at THEIR expense before purchase. When exams are completed, and payment is made for the horse – “from that point on” – Seller has no further responsibility for any health conditions or injuries that may occur during their remaining time here before the horse is transported, as well as, any issues or injuries that may occur while transporting said horse, – and – any health issues that may occur after being delivered to it’s destination.  Buyer does have the option to purchase Equine Insurance on their horse.


We will make known to you with photos and information of any horse that has scars, scratches, or cuts, prior to purchase.


A.    We will – with all paperwork, send photos of all four feet after being reshod – for your farrier to refer to when he takes over the care of your new horse. We will not be responsible for farriers that cut the gaited horse’s feet short, thereby in most cases, – causing the horse to be sore, lame, trotty, pacey, or other problems that come with cutting the feet of a gaited horse too short! (Example: As short as the quarter horses routinely done this way). Also, Tommy has a lifetime reputation of being one of the best farrier’s. However the horse is shod, it will be what works best for that particular horse. We recommend that you have your farrier trim and shoe the horse as the photos will show, and to do their very best – to make the feet measurement match! This is only our opinion and recommendation. It will be your choice to do whatever you feel is best.

B.    For those of you who are unfamiliar with horse shoes that have what is called “borne” and/or “drilltex” – this is where the shoes are taken to a person that welds this substance on the shoes. Borne is good, but drilltex is stronger and better – and will last longer. Tommy has the drilltex done to most trail shoes. This type of shoe helps prevent sliding, falling, – especially on blacktop, slate rock in creeks, steep hills, slopes, etc. It provides the horse with extra “grip” and sure footing. We have on several occasions, been asked if it is okay to take all shoes off. “People and many farriers have different opinions!”.   We will give you ours, and what you do with it is up to you, with all due respect for those who do not agree. We feel the shoe protects the frog and bottom of the foot. We feel the horse has a better gait (especially a walking horse) with shoes. During our lifetime, as our parents and grandparents all chose to do – all of our horses – have had, all four feet shod – all the time. Therefore, we will not be responsible for those who take their new horse home and remove all shoes.


We will inform each interested Buyer – if a horse has a high wither, – that this should be considered when the height of the horse is given by measurement in hands. Upon request, we will provide measurement from lower part of back to ground, for those of you who consider this to be a problem. We do use a ruler type stick specifically designed for horses.


We will email a photo of the bit we use on each horse.  With exception of few, we DO ride with a cavenson. There is an old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.   Many people want to immediately upon arrival or later, change the bit to something different than what we have recommend. They sometimes will buy some of the most expensive bits because of the advertising and promises made. They will do away with the cavenson when we have recommended using a cavenson (a safety feature as well as for other reasons).  You can see in the videos how the horse is ridden.  If the horse has been ridden with snug reins, two hands —-and you choose to ride with floppy reins or with one hand, we cannot be responsible for how the horse rides.    We therefore stipulate that we will not be responsible for the results in doing the above - or – for those of you choosing to go with the “bit less bridle”!!!!!!! – with my having experiences with all of the above happening in the past!   We work very hard here to find out what it takes for each horse to ride it’s very best and we pass this information on to each family.  But some choose to do totally different things.   We give specific instructions with a video to each family on how to bridle each horse individually, the tightness of the curb chain, bridle, type of bit with photo, the amount of snugness on the reins, - and whether or not they ride better with or without an “English cavenson”.  We use the English Cavensen as they are less bulky than the Western and they fit more snug.   If you do not have a local tack store, you can order from in Bell Buckle, Tn.MANY people do not know what a cavensen is or it’s purpose.    One reason is a cavensen keeps the horse from getting their tongue over the bit which can happen on occasion.  Not a good thing if you are riding in the mountains along a cliff.  When this happens, the rider has absolutely no control of the horse.  It only takes one “freak accident” for a rider to be hurt.  A cavensen also gives the horse the feeling that the rider is in more control, –which is good when riding on dangerous trails, – as well as giving the horse a better head set.  I think it is what a person has been accustomed to their entire lifetime…….regarding many things concerning horses. We have “always” ridden with cavensens.   Again, we work very hard here to find out “what the horse rides the best with”……..regarding tack, shoeing, etc.  We can only give you our recommendation.  It is up to you and your personal preference as to what you do when you get your new horse home, but we will not be responsible for how the horse rides with the changes you choose to make. 

We give our promise to you – that we will be here to help you with all concerns by phone and e-mail after your purchase for as long as you need us.   



It is common knowledge among “horse people” that horses are susceptible to change in behaviors in certain things. Such as the following:

A.    Dominance in the Pasture: During the time the horses has been in our care – they may be humble in the pasture – walking way from the aggressive horse – the entire time spent here. They may show no traits such as laying back the ears at another horse in the pasture or showing any kind of aggressive behavior. One horse is always going to be first on the totem pole of being in charge. The others will work out where they are going to be on that rein of control. A horse may leave here being humble – but when he arrives at a new location – he may become the one that is “boss”, – and vice versa. He may be the boss here…..arrive at his new home…..maybe one of your horses has a stronger personality and if so, the new horse will be put in his place as far as who is going to be boss. Because we, as humans, have to step back and let them work out their positions on their own – (as long as they are not showing real danger to each other) – we have to live with “what they decide”. Thus, as you can see……all we can give you is our description of what we have observed in our pastures…..but we will not guarantee that these behaviors will not change upon arrival to their new home. Horses have personalities and with that comes the potential to change in their behavior pattern with some issues.   We do recommend that when your new horse arrives to separate him from the horses that are already there.  If possible, allow them to get acquainted slowly with perhaps a fence between them for a few days.   This takes down the level of newness and their feeling of being intimidated or threatened – for all of them.

B.    Easy or Hard To Catch Issues: We have had on occasion, a horse that would walk up to us at the fence and be so easy to catch – the entire time we had him. At his new home, if he is turned out in a pasture with another horse that is aggressive, one that dominates all the attention, – this situation will sometimes cause the new horse to become insecure, and fearful of the consequences if he does attempt to come toward the new owner. Changes in this horse being “easy to catch” could very well happen.

C.    Behaviors Upon Arrival To New Location: In bringing new horses home to our farm, we have found in some – that it takes a few days for them to settle in. Therefore, we do not judge them to be “not what we need” until some time has passed and they show their true behavior. This is so true especially for a horse that has been on a transport trailer – traveling across country – 4 – 8 days – staying overnight perhaps in a different facility each night – with different “hands on” care. A horse upon arrival may show some type of nervousness, feelings of fear, apprehension, —with attention to everything surrounding him. The trip itself can be exhausting and very stressful, even with the best of care by the transporter. We ask that you take the time – about 4 – 7 days – to let him “just rest” and get settled in. This will provide you with time to do your “ground work” with your new horse. Give him time to settle in before throwing the saddle on him and riding. We feel the best way to do the ground work is “just spend time” with your new horse. You can do this by grooming him, going for walks leading him, giving lots of attention and love and by making him feel secure. Walk him around the pastures and fences showing him everything about his new home. Introduce him to all the family including your dogs, or other pets. This will build trust “for the both of you”. Give him time to slowly get acquainted with the other horses. They have to work out the “who is going to be boss” issues.   Along with the paperwork on your horse, you will be sent an attachment from me called:  “Before Riding Your New Horse”.  Included in this is advice on what to do the first few days after arrival of your new horse.   I share this with every family that I work with in hopes that it will make the transition for BOTH the family and their new horse less stressful and more pleasurable.  I ask that you read this attachment thoroughly before your new horse arrives.  Hopefully, reading this will give you a better understanding of the emotional side these beautiful creatures have……and explain how important it is to be patient and caring on their arrival and the days following.

9.    HORSES AND PONIES GOING TO BEGINNER RIDERS AND CHILDREN: We take to heart – very seriously- when working with you in choosing a horse or pony for you and your family – and are especially cautious in helping make decisions for Beginner Riders and/or Children – including Children and Adults with Special needs. We work very closely to make sure the transition is a good experience for all involved. For this reason, we send with the packet – special advice and tips on how to make sure everything goes smoothly for both the horse or pony and their new owner. Again, we are available by phone and e-mail for and questions and concerns that you may have – “for as long as you need us”!!


If after reading thoroughly the stipulations in our “Sales Agreement” – Buyer does make the decision to purchase one or more of our horses, “with that purchase” - Buyer is stipulating and agreeing to the fact that when a person chooses to share their life with horses, there is the “inherent risks” that come with owning a horse. At time of purchase of one or more horses, Buyer stipulates and agrees that “they do accept” the “inherent risks” that are involved with owning a horse. Buyer further stipulates upon purchase that they understand and agree that our horses are sold “as is” with no warranties or guarantees implied or expressed by Seller, and that no refunds or exchanges will be given.

Due to the “inherent risks” we each need to be willing to accept when owning a horse, – our promise to you – is that we will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE in testing our horses during their stay at Forest Ridge Farm. We will subject them to everything possible to try to insure that there will be no surprises when they get to their new home and family. We will consistently observe their behavior. We will do our very best to make sure each horse is ridden “every other day” (rotating them out). We will keep them here long enough to hopefully “really know what we have” – so that when we describe this horse to you in our ads and on our website – that we will be able to describe them as honestly, accurately, and as thoroughly as possible, “MAKING YOU AWARE OF EACH AND EVERY NEGATIVE TRAIT OR BEHAVIORAL PROBLEM THAT WE BECOME AWARE OF DURING THEIR STAY WITH US”. That is our promise to you.







Specializing in finding safe Ponies and Horses for Children, including Special Needs Children and Adults, Beginner Riders, Mature Riders, and riders with Health Issues. We also offer horses for the Experienced Riders!! “Whatever Your Needs” – We work Very Hard to make you Safe and Happy!! ….. Just call us if you need help in finding a safe horse or pony for yourself or your child.  Let us work with you in “matching” you and your family with “just the right horse”! Anytime you have questions, or – if we can obtain transport quotes for you, “please” just let us know!

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