Payment Process

We only accept payment for our horses with Cash or Bank Wire …..


1.  We DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS OF ANY KIND!!!  Due to past experiences with Returned Checks and difficulty in collecting.

2. We are not set up for Credit Cards.

3. We do not accept Bank Cashier’s Checks due to receiving a  fraudulent check in the past, and we do not accept Money Orders.

4. We do accept Cash or payment by Bank Wire….. Payment by Bank Wire gives both Buyer and Seller a paper trail for their records.  

5. After ten years of doing what I do, 95% of our horses are sold by phone site unseen.  Due to this, “Most all payments” for our horses have been made by Bank Wire…..if you have any doubts (which is understandable in this day and time) –with paying by Bank Wire, I can send you MANY names of families that have done so  - and – you can see our many beautiful testimonials from families who have paid in this manner. 

For those of you who have never wired money from your bank, it is very simple. Upon your decision to purchase a horse, please see below to print  Wire Instructions.  If you text – I can also text the information to you.   Take these instructions to your Bank – and request that they wire the dollar amount to the account on the information sheet. They will take care of it. If Bank Wire is done mornings usually before 12:00 noon, it should arrive to our bank sometime that afternoon. If Bank Wire is done after Noon – it usually arrives late….and will not be posted to our account until sometime the next morning.  So if you do not hear from us that same day, it is because the wire has not been posted to our account.  It will be done sometime the next morning.


“As Soon As” your payment is received “and posted to our account”, our Bank will notify us, whether it is the same day you send it….or the next day, – we will e-mail you a Receipt for Payment In Full with description of your purchase.  If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us anytime.

****Click Here to Print Instructions for Bank Wires****

With appreciation for your trust in us…….”We Thank You”

Connie & Family

Forest Ridge Farm