Our Policies

It has always been so important to us for each individual – and/or – family – to be – (first priority) “safe” – but also to be pleased and happy with the horse they purchased from us.

We have been working – part-time, as time permits, with individuals and families since November, 2006. We have sold several horses during that time to people from all over the country. Out of that number sold, we have had seven complaints. With our previous policy, it was agreed between us as Seller and Buyer, – we would make an exchange if the horse did not work out. The Buyers made that agreement – “by their choice” – upon purchasing the horse. We have made it very clear - “we give no refunds”.  Four of the seven, when it came time to honor that agreement, “demanded” a refund. We treat every person the same, and when we refused their request, the situation became an unpleasant experience. We do not give refunds or exchanges.   We have found that putting oneself out there with nothing but the heart, trust of others – and – what used to be in the old days – “one’s word” – worth it’s weight in gold, is not enough in this day and time. When reading this, “please” keep in mind the number of individuals and families that we continuously – to this day – share beautiful, “very close” friendships.


When A Horse Becomes Ill

Those of you who have participated in the beautiful world of horses, know that at any given time, “just like humans”, a horse can get sick, develop diseases or other health issues of all kinds, – and we all have had the grieving experience of our horse just laying down and dying – sometimes never knowing the reason. And we are sure, most of you reading this have gone through the nightmare of colic with a horse.  (Please be sure and read our “Equine Colic Relief” page…this product is  truly an answered prayer for anyone who owns a horse.  We do not have time to sell the product, but you can find the contact information on this page if you wish to order and keep on hand just in case you ever have to experience this heartbreaking situation with your horse).   As with humans, the things that can happen to our horses – are so unpredictable. Humans do not come with a guarantee. When one chooses their life partner, or when we just love another human being, no matter what kind of relationship, there are no guarantees against illness, accidents, and death.

For us as human beings, to expect it to be any different for our horses, would be expecting the impossible. Like humans, horses have emotions, fears, feelings of physical pain, and yes, they get sick! At any given moment they can get ill or even die. Just like us as human beings. Some health problems, such as cancer, whether in a human or horse, we all know – it is a “sneaky” disease. By the time we find it, it is sometimes too late.

In 2007, we did exchange a horse due to this very disease. The family had this horse for about 6 weeks, when their vet discovered a very tiny mass under the lower eyelid. The only way a human eye could see it, is if the horse was looking sharply to the left. The horse was vet checked by our vet before being transported. Their vet said that the mass was so tiny – that with the length of time that had passed, – it had not surfaced at the time of leaving our farm. But with the biopsy coming back with the diagnosis of cancer, “we knew” without a doubt that we had sold this family – unknowingly – a sick horse. Without hesitation, we exchanged the horse for a healthy one.

For our Health Issue’s Policy – please see our Sales Agreement – Paragraph #3 – “Guarantee of Health Condition”.

Temperament Issues

It is common knowledge for most of you that Horses and Livestock come with inherent risks. Kentucky went so far as to pass a law – that reads: 

“Under Kentucky Law, a farm animal activity sponsor, farm animal professional, or other person does not have a duty to eliminate “all” risks of injury of participation in farm animal activities. There are inherent risk of injury that you may voluntarily accept if you participate in a farm animal activity”. KRS247.4027 (Ky. Horse Council, Inc.).

If one were to ask themselves why this law was passed, it is very simple. All animals’ experience many of the same feelings and emotions as human beings, but, unlike us as humans, they have to deal with those emotions without the having the gift of words and verbal communication as humans do. They feel fear, anxiety, grief, depression, and they have the ability to give love back to us. They are affectionate, funny, and yes, sometimes they have feelings of insecurity. Because of lack of verbal communication – they can also hurt us physically when the above emotions are present. To me, for one to expect “perfection” – in a horse -such as being “bombproof” – it is like asking the horse to behave like a robot 24 hours a day. And wouldn’t this take away all the beauty and joy that we love about our horses. In accepting the inherent risk that comes with participating in activities involving horses, the best thing one can do is do their homework when searching for “just the right horse”.

We thank you for your time in viewing our website. We love doing what we do! We love working with families and Especially – Children with Special Needs. It is an Honor – and a Blessing to be a part of their lives.

With Wishes For Many Blessings For You,
And With Heartfelt Thanks!!




If you have made the decision to purchase a horse from us, after reading our About Us page, and – after contacting some of our “Testimonials, – we ask that you “PLEASE” read our “Policy Page” below —– & our Sales AgreementIf you are in agreement with the terms set out, and you then choose to purchase a horse from us – “WITH YOUR PURCHASE”, you are stipulating that you have read the contents of all and “ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE” to the terms set out in our “Policy Page” and our “Sales Agreement”. With heartfelt appreciation for your trust……

“We Thank You….”

Specializing in finding safe Ponies and Horses for Children, including Special Needs Children and Adults, Beginner Riders, Mature Riders, and riders with Health Issues. We also offer horses for the Experienced Riders!! “Whatever Your Needs” – We work Very Hard to make you Safe and Happy!! ….. Just call us if you need help in finding a safe horse or pony for yourself or your child. Let us work with you in “matching” you and your family with “just the right horse”! Anytime you have questions, or – if we can obtain transport quotes for you, “please” just let us know!