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The Gift of Hope Giving Hope to those who just simply want a safe trail horse, a sweet companion and Best Friend

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Specializing in finding safe Ponies and Horses for Children, including Special Needs Children and Adults, Beginner Riders, Mature Riders, and riders with Health Issues.

We also offer horses for the Experienced Riders!! “Whatever Your Needs” – We work Very Hard to make you Safe and Happy!!





NOTE:  Before you look at our horses, I am posting a few of my  RECENT  references on this page

for your convenience.  I am  So grateful for all the families  that I have had the opportunity to work
with over the past ten years.  Because of  them, – now – 95% of my horses are sold by
phone or e-mail,  shipped, and paid for by bank wire.  I realize how very difficult it is to trust 
that you receive the horse described to you.  The descriptions of my horses are long……I write
from my heart and describe each horse to the best of my ability ——– thoroughly and honestly.  
Because it is so difficult for families to do this with so much distrust, apprehension, and fear, I have
pasted a few of the 2016 names of families that you may contact.  Thank you so much,….Connie 
 Jan, Jilli, & Mia (age 10) – Northern Ky. – Purchased Beauty for Mia – Beginner Rider
Purchased by phone – site unseen – July 2017 – Bank wire pymt. – $3800
Sherry —Big Rapids, Michigan – Purchased Tess for her 14 yr. old
daughter, Shelby – by phone – site unseen - 
(248) 720-9341
Debbie —Tecumpseh Michigan – purchased by phone, site unseen –  mare, Izzi, for her 13 yr. old
grand daughter – beginner rider – just started lessons….Pymt. bank wire—734 – 845-7258
 Char & Jeff  – Illinois – Purchased Loretta
Payment by Bank Wire –- $3200
Annette  – Pa. – Purchased THREE Horses 
Ebony, Glory, & Shorty – Total $9,000.00 – Pymt. Bank Wired –
Annette’s E-Mail:   
Heather & Clint for their 11 yr. old daughter, Addison – Ohio
Purchased Chance – 4-14-16 – $3800 – Payment by Bank Wire –
E-mail: Cell:  (937) 623-6925
Dace – Goshen, Ky. – Purchased TWO horses, – Romeo & Battle –
June, 2016 -   E-mail: 
Dace has five children in school and sports – sometimes she is
Hard to reach but she will get back with you.
Linnea –Michigan– Purchased Sugar – July 11, 2016
$1,800 – Pymt. by Bank Wire –
Cell:  (231)- 598-2797  -  E-mail:
Jo – and her daughter Megan – Illinois – Purchased Amos – August, 2016 –
$3300 – Payment by Bank Wire
Cell:  E-mail:   -  Cell: (847) 371-1562
Dana – Chase & their daughter, Hailey – Kansas
Purchased those two beautiful full brothers – Sam & Jackson
$7,000  – Payment by bank wire – September, 2016
Dusti Walker – Chadron, Nebraska  – Purchased Angel
Payment by Bank Wire —– $2500 –-
Cell:  308-432-4686,   -   

 This is from Barbara Williams who purchased Sadie…..

From: Barbara Williams <>        -      
Subject: Sadie —-Came in Person & Paid Cash
Hi Connie, I just had to let you know how happy I am with Sadie.
 I had almost given up on finding a horse but she is truly my
dream horse. She is everything you said she is and more.   I can’t
 believe how lucky I am to find such a perfect horse. Maybe it is
the colder weather,  but she is also far from a dead head. She has
the most incredibly smooth rack and does not  require being
 ridden a certain way. I can ride her with a loose rein or contact
and in any position and she still has that amazing rack. The only
 thing that I can say remotely negative,  is that she is the top of
the pecking order, and my husband’s horse would probably prefer
 her to live elsewhere. Too bad! I love her. –
This mail is sent via contact form on -
Forest Ridge Farm
 -And- A family in Chipley, Florida – Dennis and Linda – Have  EIGHT
 of my horses!  They came in person and purchased a horse trailer
and two horses.  Over a period of 7 years, they purchased 6 more
 by phone – payments by bank wire.   There are reference letters
from Dennis on the “Testimonial Page” ……that he wrote to
 families who contacted him.  I have several families that have
bought one horse only to come back later and buy another. 
Some families have 2 -3 of my horses.  Dennis & Linda  have several
McDonald’s restaurants. Very Busy Family!  He has been so kind
“to take so much time!!”—-to talk to so many families that have
 called or e-mailed  him.  He has sent long e-mails describing their
experiences with  me.    They are posted on the Testimonials page.
Bernadette – N. C. – December 22nd, 2016 –
Purchased “Blue” now known as “Moon Pie”..
Tue 1/31/2017 ———9:08 PM——————
From: Bernadette 

Subject: Moon Pie (formerly Blue)——-Message Body: 

Hi Connie, Just wanted to let you know, I am
madly in love with Moon Pie, he is exactly as
you described, and he is the darling of the barn
where he is boarded.  I was very nervous buying
 my first horse, and I am SO glad I found you! 
Moon Pie is truly the horse I’ve dreamed of all my
life.————-At only 5 years old, he is so kind and
gentle, and as laid back and people loving as you
 said.  If I ever decide to get another horse, I am
coming right back to you, and would gladly purchase
sight unseen (and I never thought I would be willing
 to do anything like that).
I found you to be completely honest and forthright,
and look forward to continuing to keep in touch with
 and hopefully see you in the future.  Really, I can’t
say enough good things about my experience and
my horse.  All the very best to you!—-Bernadette
PLEASE Read! —I have had  (just this past week three families)—–several families in different states to share their horror story with buying tranquilized horses!  One was full of Bute and had laminitis.  There have been so many families that have gone through this devastating experience – and some have been seriously injured.  The most popular is the tranquilizer that last 3 weeks.—–Besides the physical injuries, – most have suffered emotionally and taken a huge financial loss.  They are sending these dangerous horses to families with children! ———We guarantee that we use no tranquilizers, calmers, or pain meds with our horses!! —-Each is vet checked, - upon OUR purchase of each horse and then vet checked again prior to day of transport —–Their teeth are checked – floated, and  other work if needed, ——– and each has current coggins/health!
Beautiful Mares!!! Available now…..



Strikingly beautiful with four white stockings and bald face!  She is as sweet as she is pretty!

“Belle” —Strikingly beautiful with four white stockings and bald face! She is as sweet as she is pretty!

"Candy" - 10 yr. -  14H----wonderful for all ages! Sweet, calm, quiet, easy to ride, so very loving!

“Candy” – 10 yr. -
14H—-wonderful for all ages! Sweet, calm, quiet, easy to ride, so very loving!




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