Bank Wire Information

In the past we have posted our bank account information.
 Due to the reality of what unethical people can do with the
internet, we have taken this information off our website.  
The information is now given one on one…..when you make
the decision to purchase one of our horses. Information about
sending/receiving payment —–your receipt, etc., is below:
 NOTE: If you wire the payment before 12 Noon,….it “usually”
comes in that afternoon and is posted that same day.   If wire
is made AFTER 12 Noon, it comes in late afternoon or evening, 
and “will not be posted to the account until the next morning”.  —
If you do not hear from me that same day,  it is because the
wire arrived late and  did not get posted to the account.  
“As soon as” the wire has been posted”, I will e-mail you a
Bill of Sale/Receipt with full description of our agreement,
description of the horse you purchased  as well as any pickup
 and/or transport information.  If I am not at home at the time
the bank wire arrives and is posted to our account, I will send
you a short text or e-mail by phone—-a“Paid In Full” message
until I can  get you the above mentioned receipt with all
information that we have discussed and agreed.
If you have any questions, please call anytime.  
Cell: (606) 271-1064
“Thank you”…….