About Us

We are about 60 miles South of Lexington, Ky. – and only 35 minutes from I-75!!   We have been working together with families from all over the U.S. in finding safe horses and ponies for them and their children! We “SPECIALIZE” in finding ponies and horses for children, including Special Needs riders - both children and adults, as well as companion ponies for children who are ill and home-schooled, beginner riders, mature riders, and riders with previous injuries or health issues. We have horses for experienced riders, too!!  This is something we do part-time.  We only handle a few horses at a time, making sure each one gets the one-on-one time needed to do everything we can possibly do —-to make sure they are as we describe them to be.

On occasions, we have financed ponies for single Mom’s, who struggle on one income in trying to get their child a pony or horse. And, also on occasion – financed for families whose child is ill. We do “Everything Possible” to help others ….. no matter what their situation may be. There is a special place in our hearts for single Mom’s, – and also for families with a child who is ill – with burdens of medical bills – unable to buy that child a pony or horse! When we give, our lives are Blessed a thousand times over! Doing this has also given us many Blessings in “so many” other ways! – We have met some of the most kind and loving families – that we will always treasure. It has been a Blessing and Joy- just in being able to communicate with families from so many different locations! To learn and share with families from Alaska, Canada, France, and even one from Sweden! It has been an exciting time of making new friends and getting to visit so many places – if only through the sharing of e-mails and photos! We have scrapbooks beginning the first year!! They are filled with e-mails, funny stories, and photos from families that we have worked with during this time.

We have many testimonials for you – realizing how difficult it is in buying a horse over the internet! 95% of our horses are shipped site unseen.  Due to this, you cannot ask too many questions….and we cannot send too many videos!!!  We do everything we can possibly do to make the experience of choosing just the right horse or pony for you and your family as easy and pleasurable as possible! We keep our horses and ponies awhile to observe, ride, test – and subject them to everything possible- before sending them to you! This gives us a chance to really find out if a horse has any problems – “BEFORE” they go home to your family. We consistently ride our horses along our 4-lane, heavy traffic!!- highway, —-heavy equipment working within a few feet of the stables,—–through a rental park with barking dogs, 4-wheelers, bicycles, cycles – and – they are ridden consistently through woods, creeks, and tested in every way possible for spooking! We do crazy things here to try to make them spook so we can find out what their behavior is when they do spook, – and this information will be passed on to you. Our neighbors have a shooting range, and when they are out practice shooting, we ride there and just sit and watch, exposing the horses to the sound of guns.

We buy our horses from families….or referrals from them, and we keep them here for at LEAST 2+ months.   If they have been here less time, you will be told.  We have shown and pleasure ridden all of our lives.  We have a lifetime of experience with horses and because of this, we have so many memories with friends we have made who have shared the love of horses over the years!

“To hopefully make it easier for us to help you choose the horse that would best match you and your family”, on our website, we have designed our own Temperament Level—-and – Type of Rider Level to indicate, as close as we can,  the temperament of each horse and what type of rider each horse matches.  “ONLY YOU” know the level of your riding ability.  We have created this “Temperament Level” along with – the “Type Of Rider Level” in hopes that it will give you a better idea of whether or not that horse is for you.    As you can see below, it is not as simple as 1 -2 3 ——-we have truly tried to find a way to be as accurate as possible when describing our horses to you…..and this is what we came up with!   “Our ultimate goal is that we match you with the right horse based on the information you give to us, and our answering as many questions as you may have!!! —So that you and your family will be SAFE and HAPPY with the horse when you get him/her home!!  That is our goal!
Type of Rider                                                 
Child – Lesson – Special Needs                                                                                 
Beginner – Timid – Special Needs                                                                           
Intermediate Rider                                                                                                    
Experienced Rider                                                                                                      
Very Confident Rider                                                                                                                 
Advanced Rider for Head Strong Horses                                                               
Temperament Guide
0 - Very Quiet, Still-Like Movements, Deadhead
1 –  Calm, Easy going, Laid Back, Relaxed Head
2 –  Calm, Easy Going, More Stylish Head & Gait
3 –  Fancy Step-Proud - 
                 w/ little more energy level
4 –  Higher Energy Level - Prancy - Less Patience
5 –  Will Try You 

Every horse will be described to the best of our ability – with every detail – “good and bad” – especially bad! – of that horse!! We want you to have all the information possible “before” purchasing “to make sure you are going to be able to ride what you buy”! The horses marked with a #3 Temperament, these horses may have a little more talent in their gait…..They may have higher head sets, be more proud in the bridle!  Some may be potential pleasure show horses (local fun shows) for you with high stepping front ends! A horse with a #3 temperament may be matched with needing an Experienced Rider – but also— for some Intermediate Riders – according to one’s confidence level and how easily one is intimidated.  

That is why it is SO important that you share with us “how you feel” as to whether or not you are a nervous person,…an easily intimidated rider — or – an Experienced rider who feels in control.  If you feel it……the horse feels it!!!!!

 Horses have emotions and just like people, they can sense with their feelings.   It is common knowledge that a horse can pick up on a nervous and/or timid rider,…..and some of them, will play it for all it’s worth.  When a confident rider is on their backs,…..they don’t usually mess with them.   But the same horse, when a timid, nervous rider mounts them, – they will play around with them, doing things they would not do with a confident rider – because!  “the horse knows better”,…..but they do this because with a timid rider, they feel they can get away with doing it!!    That is why it is SO important that you be thorough in describing your feelings and what kind of horse you want and need.    

Horses with a Temperament marked  #4 – will NOT be horses that are mean spirited .  These horses “may have” issues like stepping off when mounting, – being prancy,…refusing to stand in one place when you stop.   They may have more spirit than many of you can handle or can be comfortable with! They may throw their head occasionally-   A horse like this “can be” for an Experienced Rider as well as a Confident Rider.   —Again – it is according to “how you feel” as a rider, and only you can determine that!    

A horse with a #5 Temperament Level – may have issues such as being difficult to mount, –having more “get up and go” – perhaps in the habit of pulling on the bit wanting to go.   They may want to be in the front when riding with a group.  Maybe they spook with jumping to the side, or other fast movements that could be difficult for the rider.   They may have a really fast gait –  or perhaps hard to catch or a mare with serious  “Marish Behavior” (definitely not for families!)   – A horse with a #5 Level may be difficult to load – or problems with ground manners.   A #5 may be a horse that will occasionally buck or rear.    “These are just a few reasons” why a horse will be recommended for ADVANCED Riders.   And again – You will be made aware of All negative behaviors “before” you buy that horse!

Our goal is to avoid problems!!! Our goal is – Number one priority! –that you and your family will be SAFE with the horse of your choice! – and that you be happy! Our ultimate goal is —when all is said and done — that you will be more than happy to write a testimonial for us and be a future reference for us! With honesty, integrity, and doing the very best we can to make this happen,…..that is our goal!

We have been through – several times – trying to find a child broke horse or pony for our family over the years.   There are still some good, honest people out there selling horses! But, sadly, there are MANY people who are doing anything it takes, and saying whatever it takes to get their horses sold.  Their goal is to hit the family one time and don’t look back.  Don’t worry about references and testimonials…just get the  money!   People are using pain meds to hide stiffness, soreness, lameness, and other issues, – and tranquilizers that last a short time, – and there is currently a 30 day tranquilizer being used to get horses sold!  

Every family that has shared their story of having this heart wrenching experience has told me the same thing.  This 30 day tranquilizer usually wears off in the third week of being at their new home.   They sometimes will buy the horse over the phone and have it transported to them site unseen, – or – they go visit the farm, ride the horse, spend time with the sellers and the horse, and purchase the horse.  They get the horse home and for 3 weeks, the horse is every thing they dreamed of having in a horse.   As described to me,….they go out one day and they have a totally different horse.  Some of which have turned out to be VERY dangerous.  These horses are even being sent to families with children, after being told by the family they need a horse safe for the entire family.   People are getting physically hurt!  As well as the emotional devastation, and the thousands of dollars loss.  

Some families have paid thousands for the horse with transport fees on top of that and have told me they have ended up selling the horses for $300 – $500 just to get them off the property due to being so afraid of them!    Some of the families that have been through this devastating experience have saved for 2 + years to buy a horse for themselves or for their children.  For some, it has been a life dream,…planning, saving.   For those who have waited so long —-worked so hard to make their dream come true, – to have this happen is devastating.  They have not had the money to replace the horse.  The loss is a life-changing experience, emotionally and financially, and it is especially devastating when the horse has been purchased for a child.

Lab work is a possibility, but with the short term tranquilizers, “the timing has to be right”.   WE GUARANTEE OUR HORSES TO BE FREE OF ALL DRUGS INCLUDING TRANQUILIZERS AND PAIN MEDICATIONS! 

The reason we started specializing in finding safe horses and ponies for Special Needs, Beginner, Timid riders, is 80% of the e-mails received on our horses were stories of families being physically hurt by “promises of supposedly child broke horses” being sold to them by people who have no remorse for the pain their actions inflict on others, – people are getting physically hurt – as well as the emotional disappointment and the huge financial losses they are having to endure. We ask that you go to our Menu and click onSales Agreement and read thoroughly before purchasing your horse from us. Our goal with every family that we work with is that you be “safe” and “happy”! However many questions need to be asked by you, however much time it takes in working together – we will do “our very best” to help you choose “just the right horse” for you and your family. That is our goal……”to get it right”!

We do obtain transport quotes for you and help you in every way that we can to make buying your horse a pleasurable experience! If we find that a horse has any kind of bad habit … no matter what it is -you will be told!! We do everything we possibly can to know as much as we can about our horses – and describe them as detailed and honestly as we can!! Our horses are vet checked prior to being transported! We worm EVERY 3 months!! We float their teeth, re-set their shoes before transporting, – and, current coggins and health! At our expense!  And they are all – usually ridden every other day- being rotated out!! We work very closely with each person to “match” you with “just the right horse”! We especially take to heart – choosing a horse that is to be transported to a family – without them coming in person to see for themselves! It is a huge responsibility – and we take it very seriously. 

Please see our “Testimonials” page with photos and family testimonials!   We have more – recent – excellent references from families that we have sold to – upon request.   We get them on the website as time permits.    ALSO, WE HAVE HORSES THAT ARE NOT ON THE WEBSITE!!!   If you are looking for a safe horse or pony, please call us! And maybe through the beautiful heart of horses, we will make a new friend!! With heartfelt thanks for your time. -

Located at 7241 North Highway 27, Science Hill, Kentucky 42553

Connie – Cell:   (606) 271-1064

“About Us” – This page updated:  September 27, 2016