"In Honor of Our Troops"


Who have Dedicated "Their Lives" -
Sacrificed Their Lives and Families -
To "Protect Our Country - Our
Families - and Our Life As We Know
It Today - In Our Beautiful America"��

We, as a Nation, are So Guilty of Taking - Our
Privileges�.Our Freedom�Our Way of Life� - "For
Granted��And Believing - "That It can Never Change" -
As We Did - The Day Before, 911.


I have Witnessed Many Times,
Due to Lack of Appreciation - or Due to
Many Being So Against the War - that
They take it out on Our Troops upon
Their Return Home - by Treating Them with
Disrespect and Making Cruel Comments to
Them - Treating them like the Sacrifices
They have Made "For Us - as a Nation"
Were All For Nothing. They come home
From The Horror of War --------
To Very Little Appreciation and Respect.

We Live our Daily Lives "Here at Home"�.
We Work, We Play, We spend time with
our Loved Ones, - We have the "Precious"
Freedom to Celebrate Holidays, Birthdays
and Worship Together as a Family.
Our Troops and Leaders Give Us
the Gift Of Life As We Know It Today -
in America ---And Regardless of Our Problems
in This Day and Time - We are All "So Blessed".

We Should Also Honor Our Past Veterans,
Many - who have been Mistreated with Disrespect
By Fellow Americans - and Many who have
been Tossed Aside - and have Not been
Cared for and given the Respect They So Deserve�

We should Remember - That One Day���.
It could be ---One of Us - or Our Husband,
Wife, Daughter, Son, Father, Mother, Sister or Brother ---
in the middle of a Horror - like 911.
We Should Remember���
Every Day - To "Be Grateful" ��
Every Day - To "Honor Our Troops"�..
Every Day - To Remember 911��
And The Thousands of Innocent Lives that We Lost�
And How - If -Not For Our Troops and Leaders -
- the possibility - of 911 happening again,
would be much Greater.

Every Day - To Take The Time to
"Remember Where our Troops are - and the Surrounding Horror of War they are Enduring - "24 hours a day"!! -and That They are "There" to Protect Us, Our Families, Our Children & Our Future."!

"Regardless of whether we Agree - or Disagree- With War -----Our Troops Deserve Our Love, Our Respect, and Our Prayers - For Their Bravery. Their lives - In Whatever Manner They Return Home - Should Be Honored! - Their Families Should Be Honored - For the Sacrifices They Are Making "For Each of Us".

For All Those Who Have Served In The Past........
For All Those Who Are Presently Serving......
For All Those Who Will In The Future.....Serve.....
For All Of Those Who Died....To Preserve Our Freedom....
"We Can NEVER Thank Them Enough".........
"We Can NEVER Honor Them Enough".........



For All Of You Who Read This......."Please" -
Remember that Our Enemies - With Hatred In Their
Hearts for What We Stand For In America - Are Always
Present - With Threats of Terrorist Attacks - Threats
Of Them Accomplishing the Possession of Nucleur Weapons -
That Can Be Used To Destroy Our Beautiful Country
And Our People - And All The Other Ways, We As
Families And Our Loved Ones, Can Be Harmed Or
Killed - Like September 11th! The Threat And Possibility


We Must Stand As One By Being United - Regardless of Whether
We Agree or Disagree with War........The Example We Set As
American People - Will Show our Enemies our Strength - or -
our Weaknesses - And They Will Thrive on - "Our Weaknesses"
if We are Divided in the Support Of Our Leaders & Armed Forces!

Whatever Your Decision as to Where You Stand - At Least
"Honor Our Troops"..."Show Them Respect"...And "Be Grateful"!!!

Let them know!!! That the Sacrifices
They Have Made - and Will Continue
To Make-----(As History Teaches All Of Us) -
Has Not - And Will Not Be -
In Vain.......

It Is With Sincere - Heartfelt Gratitude
That All Of Us At Forest Ridge Farm, -
Pay Tribute To Our troops, Our Veterans,
and Honer Them and Their Families.
It Is Our Prayer - That in Some way -
We Have Reminded All Of You Who Read This -

"How Very Blessed We Are To Live In America!"
And that "Everything" She Stands For -
Is Protected By Our Armed Forces ---------
America Is Truly - The Home Of The Brave.......
"May We All Remember To Be Grateful......."

May God Bless America�..
May God Bless - Always - the Families Left
Behind With 911��.. May We Never Forget
Their Grief and the Devastation of That Day�
May God Bless Our Troops, Their Families, and
Precious Children.........
May God Bless President Trump and His Family....
With Keeping Them Safe and Giving Them Strength and
Guidance for the Decisions That Have to be Made
For the "Protection" of Our Families and Our Future.
May God Bless Our Leaders......
Let Us All Remember Them In Our Hearts and Prayers.......

To Each Of You For Taking The Time To Read This Tribute��..
"We Thank You".

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