“Blossom” – a sweet mare SOLD – “CONGRATULATONS TO KIM IN INDIANA!”

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Age: 12 yr. old
Date of Birth: Spring - 2001
Height: 14.2 - 1/2
Temperament: 2 (See Our Temperament Guide Below)
Disciplines: Trail Riding, Show, Parade, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure
Gait: Gaited
Color: Beautiful Black TW Tobiano!
Price: $4500

Type of Rider

Child - Lesson - Special Needs
Beginner - Timid - Special Needs
Intermediate Rider
Experienced Rider
Very Confident Rider
Advanced Rider for Head Strong Horses

Temperament Guide

0 - Very Quiet, Still-Like Movements, Deadhead
1 - Calm, Easy going, Laid Back, Relaxed Head
2 - Calm, Easy Going, More Stylish Head & Gait
3 - Fancy Step-Proud -
w/ little more energy level
4 - Higher Energy Level - Prancy - Less Patience
5 - Will Try You

BLOSSOM (12 YR. OLD – 14.2 – 1/2 hands) – is a beautiful mare with a very stylish gait! She has an extraordinarily smooth ride that those of you with health issues will love!! Blossom came from the Clark family in Shopville, about 20 miles from us. They trail ride all year, even winter when weather permits. Mrs. Clark rode Blossom and all of them love riding her! —————————————-­——————-The reason they let Blossom go is Mrs. Clark raises colts, and she has a two yr. old colt she has broken and wants to spend her time trail riding her colt. Blossom has an awesome gait!! Very long stride with that walking horse head shake. Her timing is perfect! She also has a faster gait that remains smooth! Very rare!! She is truly a fun horse to ride!———————————–­—————————————-­She has not spooked at anything while here. The Clark family told us, “She is spook-proof” and we have found that to be true! Blossom mounts from a mounting block and stumps, wherever, and – she parks out! Our riders forget because it is rare that we have a horse that has been trained to park out!!!! Sometimes Blossom forgets, too….. (: —————————–

Blossom is VERY affectionate…….loves attention….picks up her feet easily……and has “the best leading manners”. She is a very smart mare…..she listens and obeys voice commands. She will stop/stand/wait anytime you want for as long as you want. 
She will ride out alone…..beautifully,…….and will ride away from the group without hesitation. Blossom stands to mount, backs-up, and has a slow motion walk! She had one baby while with the Clark’s and is a wonderful Mom! Blossom is very much traffic broke, cycle, 4-wheeler, deer, wildlife, birds, barking dogs broke!!!——————————–­—————————————-­—We have found nothing that she will not cross! Creeks, deep ditches,……logs,.un-pathed woods—she just plows on through! Blossom is 12 yrs. old and has been on the trails her entire life! Including camping trips, being tied to anything – and going on very challenging trails!———————————­————She is SO coooperative when shoeing……loves her baths……..and SO patient when waiting in the crossties!! No hesitation when loading on a trailer,….she rides good with other horses both trailer and trails!———————————­——— In the pasture with the other horses it has been a trade out on being boss. Blossom was boss when we first turned her in,……She didn’t want to share her food area, but after a couple of weeks, she became the humble one. She now eats her grain with four other horses out of the same long troft!!!! Blossom has never kicked at, bitten, or “run at” the other horses!———————————­————————————Plea­se visit our “About Us” page…….on our website, and see our “Testimonial’s” page! We have many more that are not listed upon request! 90% of our horses are shipped site unseen…….we take this to heart and try to match each person or family with “just the right horse”. Choosing a horse is like adopting into the family…..it just has to be right!!————-We also request transport quotes and time schedules upon request. I only use six favorites who give the best of care!————————–Some videos of our horses are on our website with each ad……you can see videos of all our horses on youtube.com. Type in conniesue0202 horse’s name –to see all videos on one certain horse. Example: conniesue0202 Blossom

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