“SOLD” – Thank you Mary in Kentucky!——Drifter – Sweet! Humble! Beautiful Soft, Humble Eyes! Beautiful Ride! – He is just a fun horse to be with and a fun horse to ride!

Horse Image
Age: 9 yr. old
Nickname: Drifter - An awesome fun riding horse! Beautiful Personality!!
Date of Birth: Fall - 2007
Height: 14.3
Temperament: 2 (See Our Temperament Guide Below)
Disciplines: Trail Riding, Show, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure
Gait: Gaited
Color: Really pretty bay w/ 2 white stockings!
Price: $3200

Type of Rider

Child - Lesson - Special Needs
Beginner - Timid - Special Needs
Intermediate Rider
Experienced Rider
Very Confident Rider
Advanced Rider for Head Strong Horses

Temperament Guide

0 - Very Quiet, Still-Like Movements, Deadhead
1 - Calm, Easy going, Laid Back, Relaxed Head
2 - Calm, Easy Going, More Stylish Head & Gait
3 - Fancy Step-Proud -
w/ little more energy level
4 - Higher Energy Level - Prancy - Less Patience
5 - Will Try You

Drifter is so humble......

And he has “the biggest”! softest! Most humble!  So beautiful—-Eyes!

For those of you who love a fun horse to ride, Drifter is that horse!  

He has a beautiful smooth, slow, easy gait as well as he can go a little faster and remain smooth!

Drifter has a beautiful personality – very loving, very humble! Very Obedient!










Drifter (9 yr. – 14.3) – is an awesome trail horse!  He has a VERY smooth gait,….whether slow easy gaiting or if you are a rider that likes to move on down the trail, he does have a really nice smooth faster gait.  He will not go into that gait unless you ask him! He will come right back down to a slow easy gait or walk “on command with no hesitation”,— and – he absolutely stops on Voice command!  And he will stand and wait!—————–Drifter is what most would call a fun horse to ride!  He is so stylish, consistent, and naturally gaited.    And because you have choices of a slow motion walk (he will do this all day without showing any movements of wanting to go on)……….or – a slow easy gait,…..or a nice, consistent, smooth faster gait – he is just fun to ride!——————————-Drifter is has been good with pasture horses.  He is the boss when it comes to feeding time…..we feed him first.   He does not share his food……and if another horses starts to walk toward his food, he will lay his ears back…..give them that “don’t even think about it” look…..That is all we have seen out of him.

He comes to the gait and sometimes softly neighs when he sees us out in the yard.  He loves people!!  Loves to be petted!   And those big, beautiful, soft, – ever so humble eyes!!!!!  Just melts one’s heart!  I love his eyes!!!!———————————-Drifter was owned by a family about an hour from here.  He was trail ridden consistently all of his life,…..has traveled the trails of Tn., and Ky., – and has experience with going on camping trip/rides.   Drifter has a big heart…he will not quit on you no matter how many miles!  He rides off alone or with a group….and has been ridden double with adult and younger rider on trails.   We do know he rides bareback, double, and leads wonderful with a young rider.  He lowers his head for smaller children to pet him.  When ridden back in the rental park where there are several children who always come out when we are back there,….he is wonderful to just stand there and enjoy their praise and attention. ———————————–Drifter listens,…and has a lot of head sense!  He will cross wide creeks,…steps cautiously across slick slate rock,….and will make his own trail.  And of course, with living on a 4-lane highway as we do,….we know he is VERY traffic broke, including semi trucks!!   

Most of our horses have very still-like – slow motion dead-head, lazy movements with all things.  Drifter is a little more than that. so – we have shown on our two scales – that we have compiled — on our website on the ad of each horse:   —– the level of temperament and type of rider we are recommending him, as we do with all of our horses.   Drifter will be more for an intermediate rider——————  He is calm, quiet, easy to handle—–but also has a very stylish gait – and can go a little faster and remain smooth—–all movements a little more than slow motion.  And he will stop, stand, and wait during a trail ride.  He is very responsive to verbal commands!  So very smart!   A young experienced rider would enjoy him but he is not for young riders taking lessons.———————————————-He has a lot of style……moves very graceful and beautifully when gaiting,……Drifter does have a slow motion walk,….and a slow motion gait.     If you are looking for an awesome “smooth!” – trail riding horse,….one that you will truly enjoy riding for hours!! – Drifter is that horse!—————————————————- 

Please read our “About Us” page and see our MANY testimonials!! I have many recent that have not been posted yet.  I can send those upon request.   We have been doing this for ten years —we guarantee no tranquilizers or drugs.  I do obtain transport quotes on request.  95% of my horses are sold site unseen —due to —-the testimonials and family references I have.  Payments are made by bank wire.  And you will be e-mailed a receipt “as soon as” payment is received and posted.

And I am here for you “after the sale”!!!!   Just ask those families who have purchased their horses from me!  Thank you….and you may call me anytime with as many questions as you have!!              Cell:  (606) 271-1064.


#1 – Drifter – Various videos/photos! He is a fun horse to ride! So Graceful!