“Sold” – Thank you Stacy, Dana & Hailey in Kansas for giving these two precious horses a wonderful home together!—-”Sam” – Beautiful full brother to Jackson – Both “amazing”!! Family – Beginner – Lesson – Sp. Needs!

Horse Image
Age: 12 yrs.
Nickname: "Sam" - Beautiful - Loving - Family - Lesson - Sp. Needs! He is Amazing!
Date of Birth: Fall - 2004
Height: 15 hands
Temperament: 1 (See Our Temperament Guide Below)
Disciplines: Trail Riding, Parade, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Lesson
Gait: Non-Gaited
Color: Beautiful Black Tobianos!
Price: $3800 (Lower price if you choose to take both Sam & Jackson - Full Brothers)

Type of Rider

Child - Lesson - Special Needs
Beginner - Timid - Special Needs
Intermediate Rider
Experienced Rider
Very Confident Rider
Advanced Rider for Head Strong Horses

Temperament Guide

0 - Very Quiet, Still-Like Movements, Deadhead
1 - Calm, Easy going, Laid Back, Relaxed Head
2 - Calm, Easy Going, More Stylish Head & Gait
3 - Fancy Step-Proud -
w/ little more energy level
4 - Higher Energy Level - Prancy - Less Patience
5 - Will Try You

This is Sam…..Full Brother to Jackson

There are no words to describe the two beautiful full brothers 
that I have been so very Blessed to have found.  For the past 2 – 1/2 months,
I have tried really hard to place them together.   It is now September, and
I have no choice but to offer them for sale – separate.   $3800 each —-
“But if you are a family that can take both,
I will give you the best lowest price I can possible give”
They are awesome trail horses but also
amazing for lesson, beginner, and Special Needs Riders!

“Please” watch their videos! They both are absolutely precious!!!

SAM - IMG_0002 (20) SAM - IMG_0002 (26) SAM - IMG_0002 (41) SAM - IMG_0002 (28) SAM - IMG_0002 (57) SAM - IMG_0002 (9) SAM - IMG_0002 (41) SAM - IMG_0002 (59) SAM - IMG_0002 (2)

#1 -Sam (White blaze – 15H – 12 yr. old) -  and Jackson (Black Face – 15.1 – 10 yr. old) —–They are precious!  With each other as well as with people!  They just rub noses…..love each other……but are okay if you take one out of the lot and ride and leave the other. —————————————-I was really worried!!! About separation anxiety!!!!!! You know horses can be really determined,…..anxious,…sometimes crazy when they have buddy issues. They are absolutely amazing…….It is just okay to do whatever…….Both of them are so quiet, calm, laid back,….very contented!  They are very much non-spook!!!  Whether ridden together or alone.    Both are really good with storms/thunder/wind —we know this!! ——————————————-

Jackson loves the water hose!!! We have to stand and watch the hose until the troft fills because he will take it out.   He throws it around, plays with it,…then lays it on the ground.  They both are nuzzlers…….sniffers…….of people and each other. They are just precious……. I have NEVER had two full brothers before…….can you imagine?? Never been separated…… ——————————- Until now, I did not have the heart to sell them separate…… I sent their information to Everyone I know —including many previous families that I have in the past sold horses to…….Asking for help –hoping someone will know of a couple or family that would love to have both of them.   Today is September 1st, and after trying really hard for over two months to sell them together, I now have no choice but to separate them.   Winter will be here before we know it……and I need to get them placed.————————They have been trail ridden all of their lives!!!  In the past few years they have been in a “Pay To Ride” riding camp where they give lessons and take families with all age children —-never ridden before —–on rides.  I have purchased 3 horses from this same camp over the past 8 years.  Horses that come from this ranch are absolutely the very best with being calm, quiet, non-spook, very still like movements……stand absolutely still to mount and wait!!————————————Sam and Jackson had not been ridden since last October.   When ridden in March of this year, they both stood to mount and waited a long time….until they were told to move.  I love horses that do this!!

********We just took new videos!  Amazing videos with Jamison, 16 – never ridden before; Thomas 10, and Brooklyn 9, both of whom do not know how to ride…very timid,……- all three riding bareback.  We have new videos of showing their canter ——slow motion walk…….sliding off their hips…….mounting from both sides; slow motion mounting with dragging leg over hip; —-Sam and Jackson are absolutely…..a rare find……because horses like them do no come along very often!!****************

They are $3800 each……less if you chose to take both of them.   You won’t find two horses more loving,…..safe, consistent, dependable – 24/7….even when not ridden for months!  They are SO funny and so very loving!!!  They will be wonderful for lesson horses, – beginner riders, even the young! —or Special Needs!   —————————— Don’t miss out on these sweet, sweet horses!  They will truly be a joy and a Blessing to anyone who ends up with them!   ——————————————–THEY JUST HAD ALL VACCINES….CURRENT COGGINS AND HEALTH….AND LIKE ALL OF OUR HORSES, THEY WILL BE AGAIN VET CHECKED PRIOR TO TRANSPORT.    If you would like transport quotes, please send me your address and zip.  I get a discount when I send two or more with the same transport.  “thank you”,……….My cell is:  (606) 271-1064.  Call or text.  We are on EST.—you can see more photos on our website:  http://www.forestridgefarm.com —- Please read our about us page – and see our many beautiful testimonials!!!!

Sam & Jackson are full brothers. 

Sam - Blaze - Jackson - Black face & mane - They are both amazing trail horses and so very sweet!-ps.- ( :  they have lost some weight since here with us!

Sam – Blaze – Jackson – Black face & mane – They are both amazing trail horses and so very sweet!-ps.- ( : they have lost some weight since here with us!

These videos are of Sam only.

#1st – Sam – CG – Slow Motion Walk – Canter –
Trot – Mount – & More

#2nd – Sam – CG – Jamison- Bridle – LESSONS! – Grooming!
And More! – He is So still like!
#3rd – Sam – Jamison – Lessons – Mt.-Dsmt.both sides-
Over his hips and more