Santana Anna – Congratulations to Dwayne & Laura of Wisconsin!!

Horse Image
Age: 6 years old
Nickname: Santana
Date of Birth: 5/10/2002
Height: 16.1 hands
Temperament: 3 (See Our Temperament Guide Below)
Disciplines: Trail Riding, Show, Parade
Gait: Gaited
Color: Black
Price: $4,800

Type of Rider

Child - Lesson - Special Needs
Beginner - Timid - Special Needs
Intermediate Rider
Experienced Rider
Very Confident Rider
Advanced Rider for Head Strong Horses

Temperament Guide

0 - Very Quiet, Still-Like Movements, Deadhead
1 - Calm, Easy going, Laid Back, Relaxed Head
2 - Calm, Easy Going, More Stylish Head & Gait
3 - Fancy Step-Proud -
w/ little more energy level

4 - Higher Energy Level - Prancy - Less Patience
5 - Will Try You

SD:  3/27/08

SANTANA ANNA~ A BEAUTIFUL, BIG, STOUT, GORGEOUS – EXCEPTIONALLY SMOOTH TRAIL HORSE~! Worked Cattle! All Around Girl!! You will love her smoothness! Great for riders with back problems! Her ride is SO GREAT!! Santanna is a package deal!! Has it all!!!

Santana is an awesomely big, stout, and beautiful!!!!!! – very “well-trained” – coal black mare with the very best manners and behavior! She has been trained well!! We have videos riding her with throwing and circling a lasso around her head –all around her body while riding! She pays no attention! She is so broke and so trained and will be an absolute joy for anyone to own and ride!! She is a family horse….has been used to being around children…and is a very affectionate and calm mare. She has none of the marish behavior traits. Santana will back up as long as you want!!! Stops on command!! All the patience in the world!!! Santanna hauls good next to other horses…even stallions (we have done it)….

she rides great with a group or alone! She does not care to leave the group or the stables! Her strength is amazing! She has worked cattle….and stops on voice command with so much patience!! The only negative I can say about Santana, if you keep her stalled and confined – the rider needs to be experienced with her energy level- from confinement – plus combined with- her strength and size. If allowed to be free…she is ALL of the above! She has an EXCEPTIONALLY SMOOTH GAIT!!! Would be great for a rider with back problems or other health problems. We have videos if you wish to see more of Santanna! If you are a person that needs a big, stout horse to ride….don’t miss out on this beautiful girl!! She has so much to give and she will be a beautiful addition to anyone’s family! A true Joy!


Pedigree for Santana Anna
Zane's Sun Spot Zane's Prouda Me Zane Grey
Princess S
Wildflower Golden Commander
Golden Lady W.
Cloud's Santana Black Cloud C. Toddy's Perfection
Charger's Star
Sweet Leilani Black Gold's Domino
Ozark Star