Lucky Charm

Horse Image
Age: 4 years old
Nickname: Lucky
Height: 14.1 hands
Temperament: 1 (See Our Temperament Guide Below)
Disciplines: Trail Riding
Color: Black with a beautiful bald face

Type of Rider

Child - Lesson - Special Needs
Beginner - Timid - Special Needs
Intermediate Rider
Experienced Rider
Very Confident Rider
Advanced Rider for Head Strong Horses

Temperament Guide

0 - Very Quiet, Still-Like Movements, Deadhead
1 - Calm, Easy going, Laid Back, Relaxed Head
2 - Calm, Easy Going, More Stylish Head & Gait
3 - Fancy Step-Proud -
w/ little more energy level
4 - Higher Energy Level - Prancy - Less Patience
5 - Will Try You

Lucky is DEFINITELY A ONE ON TEMPERAMENT!! Coming 4yr. old & one of the most calm, quiet, & sweet horses we have had!! He is very content…patient….and no spooking!! He has had many, many trailrides -exposed to rough trails!

I work with families in finding “just the right horse” for your needs. I work with handicapped children….elderly…beginner riders,….and do everything possible to match you up with the best choice!! Lucky has all vaccinations (WN-Rhino-Strep-4 way flu) Tetanus/Rabies. His teeth have been floated – and – we worm every 2 months. Vet name and number will be included with paperwork!

LUCKY CHARM!! And that he is! Lucky Charm is an awesome horse in that he is so quiet, so calm – excellent ground manners – and a smooth, smooth ride!! A great horse for anyone!! Including children!!!! I do not usually recommend a 3- 1/2 yr. old for children, but sometimes – like with mares, “there are exceptions”…and Lucky Charm is truly an exception to that rule. He was broke by a young man from Casey County (where I am originally from)…..and some of the roughest riding trails one could find! Lucky Charm does not spook and has the same behavior 24/7! Even if you do not ride him for weeks…..he is the same. HE IS ALWAYS – A “1″ ON TEMPERAMENT!!!!! Lucky Charm stops on voice command…..will walk all day in a slow, easy walk. If you go a little faster, he will come right back down to a slow walk with no hesitation. If you want to stop and talk for awhile – sitting on him….he will stand still and wait patiently. He does not paw out of nervousness……–”he quietly waits”. You can tie him to a fence and he is the same. So very patient in everything that we do.

He loves his baths….easy to clip, shoe, load, haul, saddle, bridle, etc. He has no bad habits!!! Lucky stands still to mount and dismount —–he is easy to catch- always come to me at the fence! Lucky is very, very affectionate and loves being petted and groomed. He would make a wonderful 4-H horse for a younger child. He has been rode by children…..He does ride double. He is not afraid of traffic….(As I have stated in other ads – we have heavy equipment working along our property on the new 4-lane highway.) Lucky does not spook from the bulldozers, gravel trucks and all the activity going on in front of our property! He has been rode along side 4-wheelers. He has been through the creeks….woods….barking dogs, motorcycles, made new trails —-will go through anything you guide him through. He is an amazing horse…….