Trip My Trigger -With So Much Love for Chelsey & her family in Utah!!

Horse Image
Age: 12 years old
Nickname: Trip
Date of Birth: Spring - 2002
Height: 16 hands
Temperament: (See Our Temperament Guide Below)
Disciplines: Trail Riding, Show, Parade, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Lesson
Gait: Gaited
Color: Beautiful -True Dark Gold -Palomino--
Price: $7600-- Trip and Chelsey took a journey of parting and reuniting! You must read their story! I first met Chelsey summer, 2007, when she took Trip home to Utah! Due to personal difficulties - Chelsey sold Trip to Mariella in Kansas--we then, in 2010, returned Trip back To Chelsey in Utah! Since that time, Chelsey has graduated college. She and Alex got married -(Chelsey rode Trip down the aisle!) - and now they have a beautiful baby boy just born May of this year! Due to Chelsey's husband having an accident, - Chelsey and Alex regretfully and brokenheartedly --needed to sell trip ----This was July, 2014. But God answered MANY prayers!! And Trip will be staying in Utah with Alex, Chelsey & Levi - where he truly belongs! "Thank you everyone who shared in this heartwarming story -for your prayers". And needless to say - and VERY happily! Trip is no longer for sale!!!

Type of Rider

Child - Lesson - Special Needs
Beginner - Timid - Special Needs
Intermediate Rider
Experienced Rider
Very Confident Rider
Advanced Rider for Head Strong Horses

Temperament Guide

0 - Very Quiet, Still-Like Movements, Deadhead
1 - Calm, Easy going, Laid Back, Relaxed Head
2 - Calm, Easy Going, More Stylish Head & Gait
3 - Fancy Step-Proud -
w/ little more energy level
4 - Higher Energy Level - Prancy - Less Patience
5 - Will Try You

Children love Trip!!  And Trip Loves Children!!

Children love Trip!! And Trip Loves Children!!

Chelsey's Lil Brother....Trip is unbelievably amazing with even the smallest children!

Chelsey’s Lil Brother….Trip is unbelievably amazing with even the smallest children!

2014 - Trip is as beautiful as ever!!

2014 – Trip is as beautiful as ever!!

No Bridle!  He is truly a Babysitter!!!

No Bridle! He is truly a Babysitter!!!

Could a family want for more??  This is an example of a horse truly loving children!

Could a family want for more?? This is an example of a horse truly loving children!

Trip thinks he is a puppy! He truly does not realize how big he is.......

Trip thinks he is a puppy!
He truly does not realize how big he is…….


This is what dreams are made of!

This is what dreams are made of!

Chelsey's beautiful family! Her Mom, Dad, and all their adopted children!  Chelsey & Alxex (Left) - Their wedding day!!  SO Much Love - So Very Blessed!

Chelsey’s beautiful family! Her Mom, Dad, and all their adopted children! Chelsey & Alxex (Left) – Their wedding day!! SO Much Love – So Very Blessed!

This is precious Levi - Chelsey and Alex's son!  Born May, 2014!

This is precious Levi – Chelsey and Alex’s son! Born May, 2014!


And then there is sweet Trip,………

Sweet, Humble Eyes...just like his heart with a special love for Children!

Sweet, Humble Eyes…just like his heart with a special love for Children!

“TRIP” is a big, beautiful, stout, gorgeous thing that is also awesomely loving with “follow me around like a puppy dog” personality!! He is truly – A Big Pet! With all the qualites one could want in a trail pleasure horse!! He is just an amazing horse !


***PLEASE SEE CHELSEY’S E-MAILS TO ME REGARDING TRIP – ON MY WEBSITE — They will be on the “Previously Sold – Testimonial” page.

We originally purchased Trip early 2007. In July, 2007, Chelsey and her family, by phone, purchased Trip. We had to wait to transport him due to boarding facility not having room, so he stayed her 6 -7 weeks longer. About three weeks after they purchased Trip, “Chelsey couldn’t wait to see him”. So she and her Mom flew in for the weekend and we had a wonderful time!!!

I took so many photos of Chelsey and Trip, and Chelsey with our ponies! Chelsey will always have a special place in my heart! Always! We are e-mail buddies! And always will be!!

2009 —Chelsey sadly  had to make the decision to sell Trip.     BELOW IS THE AD WRITTEN ON HIM - 2009:

THE REASON TRIP WAS SOLD is because when Chelsey started school that year,….with homework, sports, practice, – she had no time to go to the boarding stables (@ 30  min. drive for her parents) —to spend time with Trip.  She had been going one – two times a week…..but couldn’t stay very long.  Chelsey felt it was not fair to Trip. She loves him so much and this was a VERY DIFFICULT AND PAINFUL decision for her to make!!!

Chelsey has – MANY TIMES – sit on Trip backwards and laid over on his hips…only to fall asleep. She was told that Trip also fell asleep…..he did not move!

Chelsey has SIX Brothers and Sisters ages 2 – 17– At the time of there visit, the youngest one was under one year old, I think. Trip has been such a joy to this family because he is just “So Safe” for even the VERY YOUNG!

Trip is easy to do ALL things with!! Stands to mount! Stops on voice command! –and is So Sweet, So Loving,…..with the most beautiful, humble, big brown eyes that will melt your heart! He is a VERY HUMBLE horse and you can see that in his eyes! He is the humble one in the pasture. Trip will follow you around the pasture like a big pet dog! I think sometimes he thinks he is a dog!! If he were a dog, he would definitely be the lap dog type!!!!!!!

Trip does not have a real fast gait….his gait is smooth, easy….consistent……He has a very Slooow motion walk…for the youngest children. Trip truly loves children……he is So Gentle with them, – with quiet, still ground manners and movements! He has been trail rode all of his life…..and he just pays no attention to anything! We rode Trip on several long rides and he is an amazing horse.

Trip is a  wonderful horse for Children, especially a Young Girl, – (nothing more beautiful than the relationship of a girl and her horse!)—- or Beginner Riders, or Riders with health issues. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST THAT TRIP GO TO A LOVING, HOPEFULLY LIFETIME HOME!!!!! WITH THE VERY BEST CARE AND LOVE!!!! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY – A MUST!!!! I HAVE TO BE SURE!

Also, the condition of the sale will be that the new family keep in touch with Chelsey and me occasionally with a short update on Trip and hopefully a photo!!! It is So Important that Chelsey know that he is happy!

If you have any questions, please just ask.  Thank you for reading our ads….Blessings to all of you, Connie


The very first ad I wrote about Trip – 2007- before Chelsey purchased him July – 2007: -

He is still the same horse, only better – has been loved and ridden by 7 children —see all the beautiful photos!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRIP is an amazing horse!! No, he has no papers! But papers do not make a baby (see photos) broke horse! – Temperament absolute ONE – BEAUTIFUL IN COLOR !!    Trip is a horse that the whole family can enjoy!  He is big! But he has a heart of a child! He is loving, quite, slow moving in ground manners, very aware of even the smallest child being in his presence, – and the sweetest is he will follow me around all over the pasture…stop when I stop…go when I go….forever! He is something else! To be so big….he steps so very quietly. I will be walking along thinking of something else….turn around to go the other way and walk righ into his face!!! I cannot believe as big as he is… quiet he moves! Needless to say….he walks to you to catch! He will not leave you when just out in the pasture spending time with him!

As for his other qualities….he has exceptional ground manners. Quiet in all things. Stands in crossties – tied to a fence – with all the patience one could ask for! He is easy to handle in all things…clip, shoe, load, haul, and absolutely loves to be bathed!!

And his ride??? He is very smooth but he is not a real fast horse. He has a real easy, laid back, “not a care in the world” type gait! He does not have what we call a “fast gait”. He is a wonderful trail horse!!! You have to watch the tree limbs, of course!!(smile) He will ride alone…walk away from the group….and rides patiently wherever you want to ride him on a trail ride!! He will cross creeks, ditches, go up sloped hills….logs, and we have been riding him also on Highway 27 with SO MUCH TRAFFIC!!! Along with the highway workers and heavy equpment blacktopping the new road! They are now working south of us but will be coming back and forth.

Trip will ride double……he is not afraid of barking dogs – 4-wheelers, cycles, and we test our horses by going through a rental park over the hill! There are several loose barking dogs! One family has – four – 4-wheelers! “We do everything we possibly can do to try to make sure there are no surprises when they arrive at their new home”! Trip runs great in the pasture with other horses. He will just melt your heart watching him! He is SO BIG ….but SO HUMBLE! Very small horses intimadate Trip! ….If I gave him a nick-name, it would be “Humble Eyes”. Because he sure does have those big brown eyes that will take your heart away!! Trip is a horse that comes along ever so often!! Not every day! “He is truly – a joy to be with – a joy to ride”!! Don’t miss out on the amazing horse that is all wrapped up in one, big, beautiful package!!

ALL OF OUR HORSES ARE VET CHECK WITH “EXAM” “RIGHT BEFORE LEAVING” -WE WORM EVERY TWO MONTHS! SHOES WILL BE RESET IF NEEDED WITH PHOTOS OF SHOEING WITH PAPERWORK! And – TEETH FLOATED! – Please see our website and you will see why “our horses don’t last long”!! We also obtain transport quotes and schedules upon request! We thank you “for your time” in reading our lengthy ads!!!!!

With Wishes For Blessings to All Of You, Connie



NOTE: –Videos below are original videos taken 2007:



Video of Trip My Trigger (Trip)