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It is with heartfelt thanks that we send these wishes to all of the families that we have worked with over the years!   Each of you have Blessed our lives in SO many ways!  So for all of you and those of you who are visiting our website today, we thank you!


With warm wishes for Many Blessings for you and your families… 


Happy New Year!!!!

and for all our veterans, our troops, policemen, fireman, and all of you who have in the past and are presently sacrificing your lives to make our lives better,  “we thank you”….and a special heartfelt thanks to the families of all these servicemen who sacrifice more than any one of us who are not in their shoes – could even begin to understand – “we thank you”…..

May God Surround Each Of You With So MANY BLESSINGS in the New Year!!

Photo below taken from - WSMV-TV Channel 4, Nashville - week of January 7, 2014

SHARE this photo to show support for all the men and women who have served in the military. This is a picture of American troops on a C-17 Globemaster plane getting ready to fly home after a tour in Afghanistan. We thank them for their service!

Please also see our Tributes (2)  to our Troops – Listed in the Website Menu 
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We Specialize in finding safe Ponies and Horses for Children, including Special Needs Children and Adults, Beginner Riders, Mature Riders, and riders with any kind of Health Issues.  We also offer horses that do not work out for our program for the above type riders,  - we sell them to the Experienced Riders!!  “Whatever Your Needs” –
We work Very Hard to the best of our ability to make you and your family Safe and Happy!!

‘How we treat others is a true reflection
of God’s love in our hearts’

Giving Hope to those who just simply want
a safe trail horse, a sweet companion and Best Friend

New and used Tack
Horse Trailers & More
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Directions From (I-75) Mount Vernon, Kentucky Exit 

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